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I am forwarding the email below, the sentiment of which I completely agree with and will be attending the meeting tonight after GA, at Libor's request since he is waiting to be added to the listserv.

I completely agree with Marina's email below.  I also would like to stress the need for meetings of the working groups to occur not just at 9 AM.  Many are also expressing the need for more timely posting of group and GA minutes to the website as there are many folks participating but who cannot make meeting times and spend many hours at Liberty.  There is a disconnect.  While I agree with developing a good neighbor policy with CB1, there are others working on sound.  Justin I have been trying to speak with you (becuase you are the only person I've identified in the community relations group) since wednesday about the efforts of the legal subgroup that was formed "sound and shelter".  We finally had a few minutes last night but did not really have a conversation.  We just need to find a more efficient way of communicating online and in person.

In solidarity,

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Hi Family :-)
As #OccupyWallStreet is beautifully growing there is also need to increase the productivity and free-flow of information within all of our groups and networks. In order unclog the GA from follow up technicalities and enable GA to function freely, smoother and in broader aspect with all the audiences.
There will be at 9PM tonight (following the GA) meeting of working groups delegations and other communities (some groups have over 200 people). We are asking each group to send for this first time meeting a delegation of 2or3 people(later on 4-6) who could take a report back to their groups. Many of us work in multiple groups.
Also one of the reasons for this 9PM meeting is that many of us NYC activists with deep historic interconnection within the movement are working and organizing during the day, and can not make it to the 9AM structure meetings.
This create big disconnect and void between grass-roots, activists, communities and what is going on at #OccupyWallStreet.
All egocentric and producer-like mentality has to step aside. OccupyWallStreet is not here to only self represent itself, but it has much deeper role to represents voices and concerns internationally. OccupyWallStreet has a unique responsibility by being in the belly of the beast. We have deeper than moral responsibilities to act on behalf of people of all continents and struggling communities. From Congo to Palestine, to Philippines, to Colombia and all of our infringed upon communities.
There is no time to waste. There is no time for OccupyWallStreet to be self-absorbed because to the rest of the world we are the 1%ers.

Many Thanks to all of our working groups :-)

In Solidarity
Libor Von Occupywallstreet

On Sun, Oct 9, 2011 at 5:32 PM, Justin Wedes <> wrote:
I think a plan to limit drumming/music should be considered as a part of the 'Good Neighbor Policy' being developed by the Community Relations Committee and Community Board 1, to be presented mid-week to the GA.

It should lay out clear expectations for drumming, as well as times for amplified sound (with Brookfield permission if possible) and no mic-check times for quiet, productive working group meetings.


On Oct 9, 2011, at 5:27 PM, Marina Sitrin wrote:

> Justin,
> I totally hear you. At the same time the noise level in the Plaza
> often makes it impossible. I would suggest having many time slots
> where we do not have drumming or other music (lovely as it is) so that
> we can hear one another when we want to meet.
> Has there already been a proposal with regard to drumming/music? I
> know I am not alone in this sentiment.
> Marina
> On Sun, Oct 9, 2011 at 2:51 PM, Justin Wedes <> wrote:
>> Hi friends,
>> There has been a beautiful explosion in the number and scope of new working groups and meetings for #occupywallstreet.
>> At the same time, several groups or collections of groups have elected to meet off-site recently for various reasons.
>> I understand the need to meet off-site when doing outreach with outside groups, but not for mere convenience or preferable noise level. Meeting off camp erodes trust in groups and alienates representatives or leaders of committees from their constituents/partners.
>> For that reason, I am electing not to attend meetings planned outside of #LibertyPlaza (or the adjoined open red cube space) unless there is a compelling reason to meet off-site. If camp is not an amenable location for productive meetings, then that should be addressed at General Assembly.
>> In a related note, I strongly discourage groups from meeting during General Assembly. I think everyone understands why.
>> Please join me in supporting this tack on meeting times/locations.
>> -Justin
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