From:   Antonio Serna <>
Sent time:   Sunday, October 09, 2011 9:59:46 PM
Subject:   Re: [september17discuss] ANother NPR report complaining about lack of DIVERSITY in OWS

Can you be more specific on the NPR report? A link to the stream or

article. Sometimes it's good to find out who/when/where as I've seen

diversity change like the wind.


The diversity is there & groups are forming/talking, it might be a good

time to just sit back and listen.







On 10/7/11 5:28 PM, shaista husain wrote:

> Please folks, we need to get a media team of diverse multicultural speakers.

> I can not emphasize this more than anything else, the critique of

> people of color that is taking front page now.

> The ballerina poster needs to come down, we need a team of

> multicultural speakers in the media---

> to defend this occupation and its multicultural politics. We need a

> change of strategy. It is urgent.