From:   Andrew <Andrew@TheHumanChannel.Org>
Sent time:   Monday, October 10, 2011 1:00:38 AM
Subject:   Shooters, Editors, Support for Today

Folks, namely Josh, the producer for today,

We need 3 episodes of conversation with the 1 percent edited. 

We also are shooting lessons tomorrow which we'll need help for in production, editing and graphics.

see this calendar

10am kitchen consensus
11 breaking gender binary tbd
12 systems theory
330 gender
4 facilitation
530 direct democracy?

7 GA

Plus any other calendar events. 
see this doc - sign up in the media category for the positions you'll fill.

email or text if you don't have a smartphone to meet us.

Josh please list your number or let us know when/where you'll be.


On Oct 9, 2011, at 11:42 PM, ddotto wrote:

Hi Andrew, will you need production support for the shoot of the Facilitation meet Monday? I wish to learn how to perform this function, and seek an opportunity for learning. Thanks!

On Sun, Oct 9, 2011 at 11:38 PM, <> wrote:
Yes I am working on a video tomorrow from 10-12, then at 4 for the facilitation mtg and 530 will work too. Spread the word.

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From: Cara Hartley <>
Date: Sun, 9 Oct 2011 23:37:05 -0400
Subject: videographer needed immediately!


This is Cara with Community Outreach.  We are trying to get a video of the facilitation process to share with new occupations around the nation.  Do you know anyone with a video camera who can tape the facilitation training tomorrow at 5:30 and then immediately upload it?  Please let me know!



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