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Actually, I am one of his national representatives, and have known him personally since before the Bush Sr. admin threw him in prison 22 years ago, so I'm quite aware of all of the stories that have been told, phrases taken out of context, etc. I am definitely not a fascist, and neither is he.  I hope you will dig a little deeper.

Regardless of your disagreement on that point, I do think the 1989 mass strike is of interest.

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LaRouche is a fascist. That word is used not as a loose epithet but as a scientific characterization. His organization should not be welcome in our movement.
Diane, if you need more information on that please let us know. 

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I am forwarding this message, which is of interest particularly regard to the "Demands" question.� Remember the 1989 Fall of the Berlin Wall -- the slogan was "Wir sind das Volk" That was it -- reminds me of "We are the 99%"�� and they changed history.� I think we do have to plan for victory -- what do we want then?� The Germans were liberated, but only for the free-trade Euro system...

A Message to the �Occupy Wall Street� Movement

By Alexander Hartmann, editor-in-chief of Neue Solidarit� Wiesbaden, Germany

Dear friends, greetings from Wiesbaden, Germany.

When I joined, 35 years ago, the political movement of Lyndon LaRouche, it was our aim to revive the �spirit of �76�, the spirit of the American Revolution, in order to achieve a new just economic order for the whole world. And to this day, this has remained our aim.

���� We knew, that we were fighting a mighty enemy: that, which one can best call the new British Empire, which has been growing and spreading all over the globe, with ever more might and ever more ruthlessness, ever since US President Richard Nixon took that fateful decision to de-couple the dollar from gold.

�� Already then, it had been clear - as Lyndon LaRouche warned us, at the time - that this would ultimately lead us into a great economic crisis and collapse, and that we would need a mass movement, to defend our rights as citizen and human beings, at the point where the financial empire, in it�s death throes, tries to keep itself alive at the expense of the people.

��� 22 years ago, in autumn of 1989, we saw how another great empire collapsed, the empire of the former Soviet Union, when the people of East Germany renounced their allegiance to their dictators, and declared: �We are the people!�

Within a few weeks, the number of protesters rose, from the initially 700, who carried their candles around the Thomas Church in Leipzig. Soon, it became thousands and then ten thousands, until in the end millions of people were on the streets to shout �We are the people!�

�� And the regime of Erich Honecker gave up, and the Soviet empire collapsed. The Berlin wall that had been with me for my whole life - it was built two weeks after I was born - fell, and the parts of divided Germany grew together again.

���� But the financial empire of the West, the empire of the banks on Wall Street and in the City of London, did not collapse - not yet. Quite to the contrary, it took command of the �captive nations� of the former East Block, and of the rest of the world, and it grew stronger than ever.

��� The citizens of the former GDR, that had been rallying to get the D-Mark, were given the Euro instead, and a policy of economic destruction and looting, taking down what was left of their productive economy, was forced upon them by the financial empire. The hopes of 1989 were drowned in the morass of globalization. The same fate was suffered, a little later, by the other, now former industrialized nations.

��� 12 years ago, I was in the United States to help defeat the Presidential ambitions of George W. Bush - to no avail, unfortunately. Then, I told the people assembled at a town hall meeting in Detroit, Michigan, that empires have always collapsed, when their strongest satrapy turns against them - just like the Soviet empire collapsed, when the people of Eastern Germany forced a change.

��� The strongest satrapy of the new British Empire was America, I told them, and the financial empire would collapse, when the American people take to the streets, like the citizens of East Germany, in sufficient numbers, do demand a change of policies.

�� In all those years, it was our hope, to see a revival of the �Spirit of 1776� in America. And we have been waiting, for a very long time. America elected Bush, and it elected Obama, and things got worse and worse and worse, year by year, month by month, week by week, day by day, and hour by hour.

�� More and more people became poor, lost their work, lost their homes, their health insurance, and even their daily bread.

�� The aspiring developing countries of the �Third World� turned into the failed states of the Fourth World of today, and the empire deploys the troops of the Western world, to take control over their resources. Instead of helping those who go hungry, it forces them to grow bio fuels. Today, more than a billion of people go hungry every day. And even in the rich countries, more and more people go hungry, too.

And the desperate people all over the world were asking: �How long will we have to wait, until America wakes up? Until America remembers the cause that it fought for, against the British Empire, in her American Revolution?

�� But, now, the hour has come, where the sleeping giant awakes, where Americans start taking to the streets. Few, at first, not many more than those, 22 years ago, in Leipzig. But as in Eastern Germany, their numbers keep growing, and they rally in more and more cities and towns, to tell their government and the bosses of their banks and corporations: �We are the people - we are the 99%!�

�� This movement is growing. Hundreds and thousands take to the streets in hundreds and thousands of cities and towns, and soon they will make America again into what it should have been, from its inception: a beacon of hope, and a temple of liberty.

The irony is that this movement must fight, not for the fall of a wall, but for the re-erection of another wall, the fire wall between commercial banks and investment banks, to protect the honest citizens from speculators, by the same old Glass-Steagall standard that was introduced by Franklin D. Roosevelt. The empire of the banks and speculators, which has accompanied us for all of our lives, is well on its way to be thrown onto the junk yard of history.

For, as soon as that one step has been taken, that takes away the customer�s funds from the speculators, we will see that the empire is about as mighty as the Wizard of Oz: It consists, mainly, out of hot air and the fears of their victims. When their victims cease to have fear, the might of the empire dissolves into hot air.

�� Then, we will recognize, that true wealth does not consist of money, but in the things produced by the hard working, honest people, and in the ability of the human mind, to find new solutions for old and new problems. Our wealth does not lie in the vaults of the banks, but in the hearts of the people!

�� Let us rebuild our nations, let us build, instead of new empires, alliances of sovereign nation states that work together for the common aims of mankind.

�� I greet an America, that has woken up, that is on the best way, to re-ignite the beacon of hope, and to rebuild the temple of liberty!

�� Let that beacon of hope never be extinguished again, and let that temple of liberty never be torn down again!

Diane Sare
cell: 201-220-7731

Diane Sare
cell: 201-220-7731