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I have tried several times to understand LaRouche's political writing, and every time i do, I come away convinced that I'm reading pure nonsense. The above letter is similarly ridiculous: this movement does not have re-instating glass-stegall as it's central focus, it's just one of many proposals that are being considered (Wall St and high finance were still able to exploit people when glass-stegall wis in effect, remember).  Also, his claim that East Germany never had the D-Mark is patently false, as is the claim that U.S. expansion started with Nixon.  But that is not the biggest problem with LaRouche. I have serious, serious issues with the LaRouche group's tactics of violence.  

When I was working on political campaigns (back before I gave up on mainstream politics), LaRouche people would attempt to crash candidates' events in the middle of speeches, and physically assault the campaign staff to get past the doors with their signs.  I have been punched in the jaw and elbowed in the stomach—unprovoked and by surprise—by LaRouche people trying to gain entry to an over-capacity town hall event.  

About a year later, when LaRouche's people came to campaign through my college (once again, just storming into meetings of other groups and shouting over every other voice until people either listened to them or kicked them out), one of LaRouche kids came up to me and asked for my help escaping from the group, because he realized they were wrong and he wanted to go home to his family.  He said I had to hide him, because he was convinced that his colleagues would drag him out in the middle of the night if the could find him.  I couldn't hide him, so I passed him along to someone who could, and they took him to the Cleveland bus station and got him a ticket back home.  He seemed *really* scared of being caught. It really freaked me out.  

Anyway, that's my problem with LaRouche and why I believe he has no legitimacy, even if he had never advocated putting AIDS patients in "quarantine camps", made ties with the KKK, and set up his members to be FBI informants on other leftist groups (all of which he did).  There are some parts of that letter that are good and inspiring, but they are overwhelmed by the half-truths, lies, and seriously warped framing of the issues.



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i' might add, why do you say it's YOUR movement?
Do you represent the majority this world wide movement?