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Hello, guys, I have made the OccupyTV logo and this page:
I am professionally a graphic designer/programmer - and i am currently NOT on the square, but on PC all time - i would LOVE to make as much of the web/graphic work for the movement as i can possibly make, since I can concentrate in this 100% here.. 

Here is my inspiration: I made the OccupyTVNY logo and here is what i would like to offer - we can set up portal at that will unite all media teams around all cities into a network. For each team we can use a modified version of the LOGO. I am attaching in this email some example. The cool part about this particular layout with the fist holding the camera is that we can adopt it visually to incorporate a national flag of a country for teams around the world. I am attaching examples for Spain and Russia. 

Ofcourse, other teams if they already have a logo, or would prefer using another one can do so - we still can unite all on one portal and have this layout being offered to all teams to modify and adopt. 

What do you think? Thoughts, ideas? 

p.s. I am attaching the PSD file with the original logo , so that you can use it on badges or any print material if you chose to. 

2011/10/10 Peter Azen <>
Great responses.

I was asked to draft a logo and a design for the badge and from the meeting I thought that Occupy Media was the main name people went with, but I agree with all your beautiful comments. Maybe just having the OccupyTVNY logo could make it easier for people to identify us.

Kyle, or anyone, do you have the Gotham typeface to share? I don't have it and I've been looking around and couldn't find it for free.

About how it is going to be distributed. I think it have to be discussed in the Media meetings, but it could be laminated and with a clip that can be attached to the person's clothes, or it could be put inside a plastic sleeve on an armband.
People on another string of e-mails are saying that we should do something easy as a square with a ball made of tape, but I think we would loose too much time doing that each day and people wouldn't get the reference unless it was written Media in it.



On Mon, Oct 10, 2011 at 1:50 AM, Kyle <> wrote:
On 10/10/2011 12:44 AM, Peter Azen wrote:

As I had to run to shoot Zizek speak during this morning's meeting, I don't think many of you got to see the badge card I made yesterday. So because of that, I decided to attach to this e-mail and would like to receive feedback so we can get to a final design.
I'm attaching a landscape and a portrait version of it.
This can also adapt to an armband.



How are these going to be distributed? Will they be laminated? Will they be put on lanyards? Who is going to pay for them and where are they all going to be printed at?

Apologies if these questions have been answered in previous meetings.


Anna Petrova

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