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Hi Elia,
� � I would say just show up and do your thing! �As far as getting it onto the schedule on the website, I will copy the Internet Group and hopefully they can get it by then. � We're all still figuring this out - work in progress so please be patient. �If nothing else, the info booths with know about it and can pass along info. �I would suggest coming to the square tomorrow and Wed and flyering for it. �


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My colleague Marie-Claire of the Brecht Forum and I would like to offer:

Theater of the Oppressed Workshop�
Thursday 10/13 at 3pm
meet at the steps�

Theater of the Oppressed is a tool for building group, challenging power and practicing transformation.

This workshop focuses on exercises and games, and improvised scene work�from the Theater of the Oppressed repertory developed by�Brazilian director, popular educator and Workers Party activist�Augusto Boal. Boal's interactive approach to theatrical expression�emphasizes physical dialogs, non-verbal imagery, consensus-building�and problem-solving processes, and techniques for developing awareness�of both external and internalized forms of oppression.

I believe that all the truly revolutionary theatrical groups should�transfer to the people the means of production in the theater so that�the people themselves may utilize them. The theater is a weapon, and�it is the people who should wield it." --Augusto Boal, The Theater of the Oppressed

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