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I would suggest reading Paxton, Arendt, etc, but I suspect everyone is

too busy to do it.


Genocide is not fascism, it's genocide. Mao also didn't commit a

genocide - for all the horrible things he did, this wasn't one of

them. Neither did Pinochet who was nonetheless a fascist.


Fascist is what happens when decaying capitalism meets nationalism. It

relies on palingenetic nationalism to create a sense of unity, the

idea that the nation must be renewed and taken from foreign and

internal enemies taken from the "other", Germany had a whole list but

so did Spain, Italy, etc. It's a system based on a fusion of the old

elite to the new with nationalism and a form of protectionist

capitalism involved. Fascist economics, however, vary a lot.


Lyndon Larouche has been promoting a system based on this sort of

nationalism, with The Nation as the first idea. In fact he worships

the idea of the nation state as the true basis of human organization

and thinks anyone with slightly anti nationalist views (e.g. Kant) is



His organization is a violent cult, getting out once you've been in

for a while is made difficult. Larouchites don't need provocateurs,

they're already able to provide this on their own.


Irma Zepp, Larouche's wife, runs a holocaust denialist "intellectual

circle". Larouche himself has personal ties with a number of white

supremacist groups (a trait shared by the Pauls and the Tea Party);

admittedly he also worked with Nation of Islam: he tried to coerce

Clinton into signing him away emergency powers during the Million Man

March, this was at a time where Farrakhan and the stormfronters seemed

to believe in the idea of carving up america between racially

segregated states.


LaRouche's income used to come mostly from a private investigation

network and the cult. I'd also note that his movement has been known

to attack left-wing and even centrist movements. Physically.


"Real Democracy is not Fascism."


Real Democracy is not a platform for fascism either.