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Subject:   [september17discuss] Re: [Labor OWS] Important: Demands Working Group at 5p tonight

Where is this group? I'm west of the library, can't find anyone here for the meeting.

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Should someone go? Anyone volunteer? It will conflict with our meeting but may be important.


This is an open invitation to participate in the Demands Working Group at  OCCUPY WALL ST.  


The purpose of this group is to create a broad inclusive discussion about how we can effectively and strategically draft, propose and win the demands that will begin to halt the broad injustices and oppression suffered by our diverse communities. Our group in no way speaks for or on behalf of the occupation but simply is one branch of a growing tree that hopes to tranform civil society, economics, government, and racial and labor relations from the opressive structures which currently dominate them. 

I hope that you will forward this message to others who may want to participate.


Our meeting times are Sat at 2pm and Mondays at 5:30pm just west of the People's Library at Liberty Plaza (Zuccotti Park) Lower Manhattan



Thank you


Liliana Gomez

New Jersey Immigrant and Workers Rights Coalition