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Can we merge groups Melissa? I can help coordinate.

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Subject: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Studio for Oct 14/15


hi all:


i'm working with Vlad on specifically setting up and crewing the

studio for the Oct 15 event. We plan to build out the space on the

morning of Oct 14, test the set up that evening and then start

broadcasting, CNN style, from that location at midnight.


We have plotted out the setup, defined needs and really need help

crewing for:


- shooters

- anchors

- livestream monitors (monitoring all livestream channels and posting

on private IRC channel to anchors what's breaking)

- motion graphics artist for broadcast branding

- live bloggers

- live tweetersa


we also want to set up a "confessional" of sorts at each Occupy that

may or may not be live streamed, but definitely recorded, and have

those run on the feed as PSAs. The idea is to capture as many 99%

stories as possible - why you are here, what is your story, what do

you want changed.


any help would be great. i'm volunteering both days for as long as i

can, with my gear. if any shooters with HD cameras can be in the

studio Saturday, in shifts, that would be really grand.


We've been discussing this over at #occupythemedia group - did not

know this group existed - apologies - let me know if this should be

discussed here or continued here:


thanks so much!

Melissa Ulto