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i have i can offer, The media library i was/am working on will have to be global though. and i was thinking of a name - Earl, let me, may be show you what i mean by that Media Lybrary and you 

2011/10/10 Nathan Earl <>
calling any facet of what we do anything without the word "Occupy" is a bad idea.

Not only has the movement nationwide used "Occupy" as its central meme, the mainstream media has too.

It is the official title, it's foolish to call what we do anything other than "Occupy ____"

I'm not even sure why this google group isn't just called "OccupyMedia"


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There may be an issue with the domain name. Our donation pages were taken down and it is not representing us, namely by the site owner.

We must consider other options and consider waiting on promote right now. Also even if it Is used it should make a distinction that it is the on the ground website, whatever it is (btw one of us has )

What do we do folks?

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Subject: Re: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Video by Glenn and David on TV ads: they on this list?

This is exactly the kind of vids that need to be made.
Short, simple 30 sec. spots with dense info & clear voice.

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Did someone can put me out of this list please?

> Hey there,
> There are a number of orgs that think this video is great:
> And they're fundraising to get it on TV: MSNBC, CNN, and other outlets,
> provided David Sauvage and Glenn Grossman are cool with that.
> Are they on this list?
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