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Before we begin considering other locations, let's fix this one--so

there is a model of success and inspiration. These issues must be

taken up at sustainability meeting this afternoon. Sustainability is

the movement of this occupation, more than anything else, we are

negating the logic of wall street's greed and corruption in

economically and socially concrete ways. The material base of the

movement is the occupation. Any movement/support/mobilization is

rooted in our daily struggles at the occupation. Forgive me for being

didactic: from March 18 to May 28, 1871 the Paris Commune gave birth

to two movements, both Marx and Proudhoun, who were comrades in arms,

formulated their ideas and their studies rooted in the historical

reality of the Paris Commune--all the subsequent variations of

political economy were inspired by this brief experiment in europe,

which itself, if i may argue, is inspired from political economy of

landless indigenous peoples--outside Europe. SO, while you may see a

division in occupation/movement--protest/resistance--these

developments are directly rooted in our base: a sustainable

occupation. We should be clear about the relationship of the

occupation and the movement, and elaborate our

strategies/visions/demands/principles and democratic process

concretely and accordingly. This way we can maintain consensus that is

inspiring and constructive, (rather than redbaiting each other, like

certain individuals feel so compelled to do so, perhaps might find

more friends in the republican/ or tea party who share this custom...)

So lets think of it as symphony of pluralism with creative improvised

variations on a theme--we all make some kind of noise. The theme is

the occupation: landless individuals comprising a collective of

participatory democracy liberating public space for sustainability.

NOT only should we do it, but we should to do it well with

kindness--victory is in the process and the details of this coming

together and decolonization.


We have to collectively address several burning issues, sleeping bags

are top of the list, perhaps the possibility of having tents (yes an

act of outright civil disobedience) erecting solar panels--getting our

scientist comrades to find solutions to our energy crisis, addressing

proper recycling practices, health and hygiene need to be vamped up

and last but not least conflict resolution--stress reduction.


So we need much better transparency in allocation of finances. Our

collective money should prioritize the material challenges of

sustainable occupation.


The herbalists/nutritionists met yesterday to discuss preventative

measures from illnesses that are creeping up. By next week we hope to

work closer with kitchen to provide tonics for breakfast, specifically

targeting over-nighters. (Spread of illness is our most invisible and

insidious enemy.) So we will use "do no harm" principle towards an

affective strategy with minimal risks/contraindications. Let's stay

human, not just survive but thrive and above all, do no harm.







On Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 1:58 AM, beka economopoulos

<> wrote:

> There are lots of folks working on weather contingencies.  Heck yeah, we're

> staying through Spring.

> Some ideas:

> * there are allies who want to fundraise to get 500 sub-zero sleeping bags

> donated, as well as cold-weather gears (hats, gloves, coats, etc.)

> * working on lining up indoor spaces nearby where folks can rotate out if

> they're getting sick or need a night to warm up.

> * consider a coordinated effort in solidarity with one another to push for

> structures and on-site warming options. get supporters, unions, and

> community orgs to back us up when we go for it

> * use mobile blast list, get shovels donated, and get folks down there to

> help get rid of snow

> more ideas floating around out there, many in the works!

> On Mon, Oct 10, 2011 at 10:19 PM, <> wrote:


>> He basically said that the weather will chase us out, and I think that is

>> what they have been hoping for a while.  I will repeat that I think we need

>> to take a large part of our budget and buy the right gear for a winter

>> stay.  I will have some time Christmas vacation and winter vacation in

>> February.  That would really mess with them if we were still here in the

>> spring.



>> On 10/10/11, beka economopoulos<> wrote:

>> Today Bloomberg announced that we could stay in Zuccotti Park

>> indefinitely:

>> And so we went from being an occupation to becoming a picnic.

>> Just yesterday Zizek warned “The only thing I’m afraid of is that we will

>> someday just go home and then we will meet once a year drinking beer and

>> nostalgically remembering what a nice time we had here. Promise ourselves

>> that this will not be the case.”

>> Of course, it's nice to have some breathing room, but we're in this for

>> the long haul.  There are no "solutions" that can be presented quickly to

>> make us go away. And so there will be moments where our presence is no

>> longer an uncomfortable and unknown variable, but rather is normalized and

>> integrated.

>> It's in those moments that we have to push the envelop, pry open the space

>> of possibility even farther. We go as far as we can to destabalize but

>> maintain support and momentum. And when that's the new "normal" then we do

>> it again, we push further.

>> That's how change happens, how we shift the terrain and the terms of the

>> game.  I hope that we can get information out as soon as possible about ways

>> to plug into the international day of action, this Saturday October 15.  And

>> that we continue to expand and take new space and spread and lead the way.

>> xob


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