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Hi folks,�

I'm really inspired by what you're doing. �I wrote this song in response to the mindset around useless wars and greed and the idea of living with no one's interestes but your own in mind. �I'm not sure if it would apply to anything you guys are doing, but if you ever needed a song like this to use I'd be honored if you guys would for anything. �If so I'll send the tracks over just let me know.
Here are the words to the chorus so you can get an idea of it: �

Over and over again�
we're gonna run on forever�
and then back around and do the�
same damn thing that ruined us then�
because he wanted his and him his and him his and him his.�

and you can hear it here:

Thanks for doing what you're doing and I'll be down there as much as I can supporting and singing. �

Emanuel Ayvas