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I also can't make it to the meetings from Monday through Thursday, but I agree with the schedule.

I think there is a lot happening during afternoons, specially during the weekends, and people would miss the meeting because they are shooting or taking pictures of events. The 5pm time is perfect for us to meet with no rush and then be in time for the GA. So I think weekends should stay at 11am and weekdays should oscillate.

I say that, but I still believe in being open for discussion if people think it should be.

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The times were agreed upon in a media meeting this weekend but im open to changing them if we all feel like that needs to be done.

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Great job katie however there should be more media mettings in the afternoon, after working hours, most of them are in the morning.


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Hey Everyone -
This is my attempt to synthesize the conversation we've had over the last couple weeks concerning objectives and new member orientation. 
Please take a look and send thoughts, changes, notes, ideas, clarity to the google group.
Would like to include a discussion of this document on the Agenda for the 5p meeting tonight.