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I second the edit "We believe a culture industry presently exists" (since we don't believe in it : )

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Yes absolutely. Ultimately I think this should be approved by the GA but do not want to take it there until the entire working group has approved. This is meant to clarify our purpose, approach to 'messaging,' objectivity and ensure a measure of transparency in our working group.

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Re: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] #MEDIA TEAM CHARTER

Yes - thanks Katie. I like this. 
I hope its something we can discuss over at very least a day or two though, to make sure we can all talk about it.

A couple things off the top of my head: 

Can we add something about setting an example for objective media? This is obvioulsy a bit of a debate amongst us - but its a direction I'd like to move in, or at least be able to - in person - make an argument for. 

I also think the first blurb might come off confusing to some. Maybe instead of "We believe in the existence of a culture industry" we say, "We believe a culture industry presently exists". Otherwise a quick read might make someone think we endorse a culture industry. 

I also suggest starting off with "We believe in the power of the media to free the mind rather than enslave it." I think it's a stronger umbrella point for framing the charter. 

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I second this notion. There should be more emphasis on work than the self-aggrandizing GA to make time for working groups around that time.

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Great job katie however there should be more media mettings in the afternoon, after working hours, most of them are in the morning.


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Hey Everyone -
This is my attempt to synthesize the conversation we've had over the last couple weeks concerning objectives and new member orientation. 
Please take a look and send thoughts, changes, notes, ideas, clarity to the google group.
Would like to include a discussion of this document on the Agenda for the 5p meeting tonight.