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Yes - thanks Katie. I like this.�
I hope its something we can discuss over at very least a day or two though, to make sure we can all talk about it.

A couple things off the top of my head:�

Can we add something about setting an example for objective media? This is obvioulsy a bit of a debate amongst us - but its a direction I'd like to move in, or at least be able to - in person - make an argument for.�

I also think the first blurb might come off confusing to some. Maybe instead of "We believe in the existence of a culture industry" we say, "We believe a culture industry presently exists". Otherwise a quick read might make someone think we endorse a culture industry.�

I also suggest starting off with "We believe in the power of the media to free the mind rather than enslave it." I think it's a stronger umbrella point for framing the charter.�

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I second this notion. There should be more emphasis on work than the self-aggrandizing GA to make time for working groups around that time.

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Great job katie however there should be more media mettings in the afternoon, after working hours, most of them are in the morning.


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Date: Tue, Oct 11, 2011 3:22 pm

Hey Everyone -
This is my attempt to synthesize the conversation we've had over the last couple weeks concerning objectives and new member orientation.�
Please take a look and send thoughts, changes, notes, ideas, clarity to the google group.
Would like to include a discussion of this document on the Agenda for the 5p meeting tonight.