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As a musician who has been receiving noise complaints my whole life I have to say this guy has a point.  Maybe the drummers should travel around some more; going to different parts of the city and drumming up support (yuk yuk yuk) as outreach, and cut our neighbors a bit of a break.
On 10/11/11, Justin Wedes<> wrote:
From a resident nearby. Many of these have been coming in. 

How about a proposal tonight to ask drummers to cease playing or move to Battery Park for drumming during GA times (7-10pm)?


To Occupy Wall Street
As a neighborhood resident, a lifelong Democrat, worker on the Obama campaign, and in general in sync with the politics of OWS, I am telling you here and now that the incessant drumming has to stop and stop now, not just at 10PM each night, but stopped completely.  I live 1/2 block from Zucotti Park, and there are many other residential buildings on Liberty Street and Cedar Street that are affected by this.  Are you aware that residential buildings are next to the Park The noise is maddening, I hear it constantly and I am currently working from home as I recover from a recent surgery.
You are alienating the people who should be supporting you.  Note that I have cc'ed a number or people and organizations, but not the NYPD, not yet;  all of them are Democrats who I am sure are sympathetic to your cause. 
But the drumming has to stop.  This neighborhood is not just Wall St bankers, far from it.  I am sure you aware of the enormous trauma that occurred in this neighborhood; many of us chose to stay through circumstances I know you cannot imagine.  We have lived through enormous destruction and now through construction, which, although quite positive, challenges us on a daily basis, most especially noise.  And now we have your constant drumming.  Is that fair?  Is that inclusive?  Is that what you want?
There are many, many people in this neighborhood who have not fully recovered psychologically from 9/11.  More than you can imagine, who suffer in ways you have absolutely no idea, not just from mental causes, from physical as well.  Although we know about the First Responders who have become ill, don't you realize that many residents in Lower Manhattan have also become ill?  Do you think the constant drumming can help them or hurt them? Answer that question yourselves.
When will you become aware that you are hurting the people who are your allies?
Finally, the sanitation issue must get under control.  Easy fix:  Get Port-A-Sans.  If your organization is not going to leave Zucotti Park, as many in the Park tell me, then get the sanitation under control and get us some peace in our just-beginning-to-heal neighborhood.
Your cause has gained national and international recognition, and for that, you should be commended, and if this does lead to real change in this country, a great victory could be achieved.  
But for now, I am asking politely and respectfully, stop the drumming.
Thank you
Steven Abramson
114 Liberty Street