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Sent time:   Tuesday, October 11, 2011 9:47:22 PM
Subject:   Re: [september17discuss] collective blog?

It would be great to have it as part of this larger URL system, I just want to make sure it is easy to use and that people could access it without having to jump through a lot of hoops to be able to post. Is that possible? I know some html but not much... really I was initially thinking of something simple like a wordpress site but this great! Could it be set up so people posting could potentially just set up accounts with profiles and then a moderator adds them to the blog so they can post whenever they log in? ..basically the same as wordpress? Maybe you have a better way of doing this...I'm know some web stuff but not much. Let me know what ideas you have 

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Justine me and a few other people are affiliated with and we are planning to give each occupation a similar system under the URL of Example so everyone will be on the same system and such. }

What I want is a general feed using all the occupy sub sites something that you want probably. I'll ask Justine about it

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> Hi everyone, I'm new to this googlegroup but wanted to give a suggestion for media... 
> Yesterday I went down to the plaza for the Day of Solidarity with Indigenous People but I was unable to stay for the GA where I heard they were going to propose some new additions to the declaration. I went onto the livestream later to see if I could catch it but it soon got switched over to boston, which is fine because I get that it was an important moment...but I have been waiting to hear more news about what happened at the GA with this and am frustrated to see that when I go onto there is only an update about Boston. This site and do not get updated that often considering how much goes on in one day down at liberty plaza. 
> I think it would be valid if someone set up a blog or something similar where events that happen at the plaza are written about with photos/media and shared as often as possible because otherwise these very important events are forgotten as a new super busy day and more planning pushes forward... or we see them in brief clips as part of a 5 min video about everything that happened in one day a few days later, which is great! but I think more media coming from liberty plaza in more formats is needed. All the work being done around video is amazing and compiling footage etc but I also think it's valid that some people do not have hours to sit and watch everything happening and would rather read an article or check out a blog (or tumblr for that matter) to catch up on the goings on or what not.  Everyday I see a new negative critique about the lack of people of color voices / women's voices / overall diversity and I think part of the problem, which has already been talked about in previous threads on this list, is a disconnect with media. There needs to be better sharing of daily events in a way that those who cannot be there can experience them and so as many voices as possible are shared as widely as possible!   
> Does something like a collective blog already exist for ows, am I missing this? Could we get something like this started if not and have anyone who would like to post about events they attended do so? Can we have something like this be very clearly linked from and so those who are looking on as outsiders can be linked there?  
> Any input/response would be great! I am willing to help get this set up if people are interested.
> Cheers,
> Erin