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Sent time:   Tuesday, October 11, 2011 10:08:31 PM
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Subject:   [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Re: #LIVESTREAM & #FILM - Full Coverage for Saturday, Oct. 15th

I was at the meeting taking notes today in Battery Park. It seems to

me that MNN would be a perfect solution, if they are available. I am

certainly willing to help any way I can. I would vote "yes" but I am

not sure where it is that we vote. At the meeting you expressed a

great need to move fast. In that case I hope others know where to vote

and also vote "yes."

Ricky Coombs

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jackygage on Twitter


On Oct 11, 10:51 pm, Abraham Heisler <> wrote:

> Hey Everyone,


> We spoke earlier about the idea of setting up an all day news center

> to cover the unfolding of this Saturday's global action day - ONN



> A few people expressed that it would be great to have news style

> anchors seated in a studio to introduce coverage and coordinate

> between live cams and edited content.


> I've spoke to my contact in MNN (Manhattan Neighborhood Network) about

> setting up in their studio and using their equipment as well as

> broadcasting over their public access channel. My contact was very

> interested in the idea and said that she would speak to her executive

> director about it first thing in the morning.


> It seems that they also have equipment that is ready to broadcast live

> from the field.


> If MNN is ready to move on this, we need to quickly decide if this is

> the route we want to take in order to cover Saturday's events. If we

> decide that we do wish to work with MNN, I suggest we move very quick

> over the next few days to get everything in place.


> One thing the MNN contact asked is that we provide our own crew to

> operate the cameras and anchors to take shifts being in front of the

> studio camera in order to broadcast the news.


> What are people's thoughts on this?


> -Abe