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Dear members--these are the same issues and concerns raised by people

of color--across the board--as well feminists (code pink) who have

expressed the same issues about GA not being open for platform for

confrontation and addressing histories of oppression marginalizing

minority voices (in this city are actually majority voices) and some

invisible dominant discourse that takes center stage not only in the

mainstream media but within the GA. Some people could call it a lack

of leadership? A lack of demands? A lack of political clarity?


The Boston GA did ratify a statement towards "decolonization" in

recognizing the First Nation Peoples.

Wash DC GA has come out clearly ANTI-WAR

SanDiego GA have been leading the eviction turnaround directions



We immigrants in NYC know that Wall Street is capitalist plutocracy,

and banks have usurped our democracy but we also know that we are on

the site of 9/11 and the War on Terror that has completely wiped out

Iraq (millions killed by the US invasion) that continues in

Afghanistan and has just begun in Libya with NATO. A 15trillion$$$

military budget the BULK of which (more than half) directly supports

the racist apartheid military state of Israel on one side, and further

military aid that propped up the dictator Mubarak-- military rule

continues in Egypt. All this tax budget for mid-east "stability"?

there is no stability in Mid East as long as the United States is

supplying arms. Israel is a US colony. The other US colony is

Pakistan--where drones are launched from, we too live under the

military dictatorship of the United States War on Terror, killing the

poorest people in the neighboring tribal areas and Afghanistan. This

is part and parcel of NYC wall street--finance--inseparable issues.

New York CIty also happens to be where the United Nations is housed, a

most corrupt impotent institution that serves the imperialist

interests of the U.S. and its allies in conducting all the heinous war

crimes in the world. FOr example, Palestinians are one bid short of

gaining 9 votes that would recognize them as a nation, that one short

bid is the United States veto.


On all these issues, including the Palestinian intifada, --there must

be a platform for conversations--addressing Decolonization--comrades

in the GA must stand together to support and promote the voices of

protest of oppressed people and provide a platform. This is what

transformation is about. No longer remaining silent. All our

institutions have failed us, but we can come together to propose

alternative solutions.. I propose a demonstration outside the UNited



Andy Pollock, i have copied and pasted the statement by Anti-Zionist

Jewish community below. To open dialogue. There is a HUGE anti-zionist

Jewish community that could be joined in forces at the United Nations

and stand in solidarity with Palestinians. THis is good news, and this

is what makes the OWS occupation so important in the world. The

contact email is listed below the statement.


Yom Kippur Call-to-Action in solidarity with political prisoners and

those facing mass incarceration across Palestine, the US and the


As we welcome the Jewish new year, we look back at the year behind us

to address our complicity in the many injustices of our time by

recommitting to our collective responsibility for justice and

humanity. In particular, we reflect on the common plight and struggle

of political prisoners and the many people across the world whose

dignity is denied and liberty is threatened by mass incarceration and

military blockades.

We are inspired in our struggle for justice by the sacrifice and

courage of so many in the year behind us – the late Troy Anthony

Davis, the Georgia prison strikers, Mumia Abu Jamal, Ahmad Sa’adat,

Leonard Peltier, the people of Gaza confined to an open-air prison –

and in front of us: the Palestinian prisoners and those jailed at

Pelican Bay State Prison and other California prisons on hunger strike

and carrying out civil disobedience in defense of the most basic of

dignity and rights.

On September 30, 2011, Palestinians across occupied Palestine - from

the West Bank to the State of Israel to Gaza – put out a call for

solidarity with Palestinian political prisoners. On this Yom Kippur,

Friday, October 7, we Jews of conscience, in response to this call,

intend to extend our fast of atonement and take action to demand:

An end to the isolation of Ahmad Sa’adat - General Secretary of the

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine;

A meeting of the demands of the civil disobedience and hunger strike

of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli occupation prisons;

An end to the death penalty in the United States and all other places

it remains a State practice

A meeting of the demands of the hunger strike at California state prisons

An end to the Israeli blockade on Gaza and unconditional and permanent

opening of the Rafah crossing

Israel now holds approximately 6,000 political prisoners, who are

subjected to torture, humiliation, and solitary confinement. Many of

these prisoners have never been tried, but are held in “administrative

detention,” and many are children under age 16. Palestinian prisoners

in Israeli occupation prisons began an open-ended hunger strike on

September 27, 2011, demanding an end to the isolation of Palestinian

prisoner and national leader Ahmad Sa’adat, an end to isolation for

all Palestinian political prisoners, and an end to the policies of

repression and humiliation against visitors to the prisoners,

including denial of family visits and visitors being stopped, searched

and impeded at Israeli occupation checkpoints.The prisoners are also

demanding an end to abuse and humiliation of prisoners while they are

transferred from one prison to another, as well as their right to an


We stand with these political prisoners and prisoners of conscience

all around the world who are imprisoned unjustly, and unjustly


We stand with people all over the world whose daily lives are

terrorized and unjustly controlled by policing and incarceration.

In recognition of the centrality of the struggles of those confined in

Israeli occupation prisons, at Pelican Bay and in Gaza to our

collective struggles for liberation, on this Yom Kippur the

International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network call on Jews of conscience

to commit to fasting for 48 hours, from Thursday October 6 at sundown,

to Saturday, October 8 at sundown. In addition, we invite all those in

solidarity with political prisoners, prisoners of conscience and

people facing incarceration across the world, to join us to take the

following actions:

Send an email to the International Committee of the Red Cross to urge

them to exercise their responsibilities and act swiftly to demand that

the Israelis ensure that Ahmad Sa'adat and all Palestinian prisoners

are freed from punitive isolation:

Sign the petition for the unconditional and permanent opening of the

Rafah Crossing

Contact us for more information on actions happening around the





On Wed, Oct 12, 2011 at 3:49 AM, Layan Fuleihan <> wrote:

> I agree wholeheartedly.  As an arab-american with Palestinian roots, I've

> been encouraged by the amount of support and inclusion so far in the square.

>  This is definitely not something I'm used to seeing, and it is really

> heartwarming and encouraging.  There are of course differences of opinion,

> and while I personally do not see any reason at all to support a zionist

> political agenda, I will respect the right of anyone involved with OWS to

> have their own opinions regarding this issue.

> However, there is a difference between having personal opinions and being

> afraid to hear all sides.  What it sounds like happened (and I wasn't there,

> so I apologize if this is inaccurate) is, with the downward finger signs and

> general disapproval, and unwillingness to face an uncomfortable truth.  If

> this isn't then time, then when?

> OWS is not about being comfortable.  Isn't this supposed to be a place where

> voices that are usually oppressed to finally be heard?  If anyone has any

> critique about anything that goes on in the square, it must be fairly

> considered.  The specific context of the J-14 protests is specifically

> concerning:  yes, the J-14 protests might have been similar to ours in form

> and style and subject, but the real housing crisis in Israel happened half a

> century ago with the mass expulsion of Palestinians from their homes and

> continues today with settlement expansion and an institutionalized policy of

> racism and apartheid.  These are facts that are, at this point, impossible

> to ignore and undeniable, there is more than enough human and material

> evidence so that this becomes larger than politics, it is an issue of basic

> human rights.  To speak of the J14 protests without at least acknowledging

> this reality goes against what I understand is one of the main central

> productive abilities of OWS that gives it such credibility: a drive to

> unmask the forms of oppression the national and global system currently

> creates.  Further, it is our responsibility to face these facts: the

> disproportionately large U.S. financial and political support of Israel

> makes this issue urgently relevant to our protests.

> I second Andy's suggestion for a teach in and discussion between different

> groups to start coming to an understanding on this topic.  I truly believe

> that OWS is the space for this sort of productive discussion to happen, I've

> seen it happen, and I'm very optimistic that it can occur again.

> Thanks,

> Layan


> On Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 9:41 PM, <>

> wrote:



>> Tonight (Tuesday) was the first Occupy Wall Street outreach training. I

>> was shocked to hear that the first speaker after the introduction would be

>> an activist from the Israeli "tent protests," the racist movement which was

>> fighting for cheaper rents and mortgages for stolen homes on stolen land.

>> OWS has responded to criticisms of

>> inadequate leadership and participation and addressing of issues by and

>> regarding people of color by fostering discussion and restructuring. The

>> racist "tent protest" movement responded to equivalent challenges from

>> Palestinians by telling them, "shut

>> up, leave us alone, don't divide the movement."

>> I waited to hear what the speaker (Ezra something) had to say, and it was

>> as bad as I feared. It was all about the technical issues of outreach and

>> democracy, and not one word about outreach to Palestinians or inclusion of

>> their issues.

>> When he finished I got the floor (even though there hadn't been discussion

>> time planned for that agenda point) and made some of the above points.

>> Almost as soon as I began speaking murmurs of disagreement and calls of

>> "this isn't the time" and downward "twinkling" hand motions began. One of

>> the facilitators asked the

>> speaker to respond, and he said "it's a question of outreach. I did

>> outreach to Palestinians in Israel who were leery of joining the movement.

>> You'll have to do the same in the Bronx. The issue of Palestinians in the

>> movement won't be settled here."

>> Well, yes, Mr. Zionist, it will be settled here. There is a huge

>> Palestinian exile community in the US, with that in NY being one of the

>> biggest components. They want their land back, they want their homes back,

>> and they want the right to return. They have no

>> interest in a movement which haggles over the rent paid by Jews to Jews

>> for stolen property. They can't even return to visit because of exclusionary

>> laws passed by your racist state.

>> I have been having a hell of a great time building OWS, especially its

>> labor component, and encouraging Palestinians and other Arabs to join in.

>> That will cease until there is some clarification of exactly where OWS

>> stands on these issues.

>> I can't continue to encourage Palestinians to come to OWS events for fear

>> that they might be surprised, as I was tonight, by the promotion of a racist

>> Zionist speaker. When 30,000 Bedouins are being driven out of their homes,

>> when settlers are escalating murderous attacks and destroying thousands of

>> olive trees, how can I recruit people to a movement which promotes a speaker

>> who thinks this is all irrelevant?

>> I don't presume to know what the opinions of the rest of the leadership of

>> OWS is on this question, and I would be happy to help organize a discussion

>> -- preferably with Palestinian activists, the OWS People of Color committee,

>> and a representative group from

>> the OWS leadership -- to resolve this.

>> How can OWS promote the great revolutionary speech by Mohammed Ezzeldin on

>> Saturday and then promote this racist tonight?

>> The REAL movement OWS can learn from in the region is that of the refugees

>> in May and June who tried to reoccupy their homes in historic Palestine by

>> crossing the borders, some of whom were mercilessly gunned down.

>> Photos have begun to surface in stories about the current Palestinian

>> hunger strike in which at solidarity demonstrations for the prisoners,

>> Palestinians are holding up signs reading "Occupy Wall Street, Not

>> Palestine!" How can we let them down?

>> Until such time I will be devoting my organizing efforts to where they

>> were overwhelmingly before OWS erupted: the Palestine solidarity movement.

>> In solidarity (I hope),

>> Andy Pollack

>> Al-Awda NY: the Palestine Right to Return Coalition

>> For background and context:








>> eparation-principle/#more-2195