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Subject: Sukkot Civil Disobedience - Today at 5pm

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Civil Disobedience Sukkah at Occupy Wall Street

When: TODAY, Wednesday, October 12, 5pm

Where: Zuccotti Park

Join Jews for Racial and Economic Justice and Jews throughout NYC as we lift a civil disobedience sukkah for Sukkot!

This is a protest action; we do not have a permit for our sukkah. There is currently a strongly-enforced rule against building structures in Zuccotti park. We will be challening that rule. We have received generous guidance from NYC Councilmember Brad Lander as to permit regulations, however we cannot promise that the police will accept our arguments and allow the sukkah to stay standing. We therefore need volunteers to be present all week long, around the clock, to help us ensure our sukkah stays up. To sign up for a shift, contact

We are working with the organizers at Occupy Wall Street to ensure that this protest builds the larger movement. We will use consensus to adapt and respond to challenges from the NYPD as necessary, and we will work to ensure that our protest does not put others at OWS at greater risk.

Join us as we spend the 8 days of Sukkot in the sukkah at Occupy Wall Street. This space will not only serve as a metaphor for the shelter of the Israelites. It will be a space to challenge economic injustice, racism, oppression, displacement, and exploitation that so many in our country and world face. Throughout the 8 day-festival we will offer trainings, workshops, and teachings by Rabbi Ellen Lippmann of Kolot Chayeinu, Rabbi Jill Jacobs of Rabbis for Human Rights, Congregation Beit Simchat Torah, and many more! We will honor the Jummah Prayer for Muslim Solidarity and other Occupy Wall Street events. Check the
JFREJ Facebook page throughout the week for an updated schedule. Our sukkah will become part of Occupy Wall Street, a site of movement-building— shelter to demand that our nation's abundance be reclaimed and fairly distributed among the 99%!

We need your support to keep this movement active! We are seeking funds for printing, supplies, food, and legal fees. Please donate today through the JFREJ website.

Chag Sameach! Khaj sameakh! To a year of great change!

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