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Date: October 12, 
Re-Occupy Our Homes, Resist Unjust Foreclosurs

This is the final 4 minute Rose video for distribution. 

PLEASE share with Occupy people and others who would be interested in the idea of supporting families defending their homes from foreclosure around the country.





It’s time to launch the “Let a Million Roses Bloom” campaign.  Victims of unjust foreclosures across the country are taking a stand to defend  their homes – Re-Occupy their homes.  Let’s stand with them.


Rose Gudiel and her family took a courageous stand, refusing to leave her home after facing an unfair foreclosure.


Please watch this short 4 minute video about Rose and the organizing campaign that beat the banks!


With the support of her community group ACCE and her union SEIU Rose coordinated a 24-hour vigil and encampment at her home, as County Sheriffs passed by periodically to see if the coast was clear to carry out this unfair eviction.  On Tuesday, October 4th Rose, ACCE and SEIU took their fight to One West Bank, making a pilgrimage up the winding hills of Bel Air to the home of Steve Mnuchin, One West LCC Chairman.  On Wednesday, October 5th they took over the lobby of Fannie Mae (current holder of the loan) in Pasadena, shut down business with songs and chants, and Rose, her mother, and 7 other supporters refused to leave when the police issued their final warning.  The group of 9 were arrested as the crowd of 150 outside cheered.  On Thursday, October 6th, Rose received a call from One West saying that Fannie Mae was willing to rescind the foreclosure and put a loan modification on the table!  A deal is being finalized as we write this e-mail.


More and more families are moving back into the homes that were ripped away from them by unfair foreclosures.

It’s time to Re-Occupy Our Homes.  It’s time to stop the banks from stealing our homes and destroying our communities.


Peter Kuhns,

Peggy Mears,

ACCE - Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment