From:   lmnop <>
Sent time:   Wednesday, October 12, 2011 11:46:24 AM
Subject:   [GlobalRevolutionMedia] #Shooters needed: Wall Suits

Greetings All

A small group of artists from Brooklyn got together around an idea, launched a indiegogo campaign and tripled our goal.
Our action is planned for Saturday Morning. We will be setting up at 8 am and will begin dressing people in suits at 9am

We would love for ows media to document this action. Wall Suits.
Any shooters who are down to take still photos and video of this please show up.
One thing we request is that if you do document it, please give us access to the photos and video you take of the action.

This is an idea we'd like to see spread across the movement. It's like a subversive camouflage. Wearing a suit or business attire confuses douche bag media outlets like FOX

best regards