Sent time:   Wednesday, October 12, 2011 3:10:21 PM
Subject:   Re: [september17discuss] Demands Working Group

Great thanks for the info.  I will try to come to meetings.  Please post more info on this listserve when it comes in.
Thnx, John 
On 10/12/11, Liliana Gomez<> wrote:
The Demands Working Group was formed over a week ago, it is a working
group not a committee. We are discussing how to draft/propose Demands
to the GA, as well as how to strategically win them for all.. We
understand the opposition to Demands but will face that when the time
comes to present them to the GA. Please don't try to come to our
meetings to convince us not to do the work we have initiated or feel
is our contribution to this process. Lets respect our different
points of view and contributions next meeting are Sunday at 6pm and
Tuesday at 7pm, late in the day, we are primarily daytime workers and
this was the best possible schedule fitting all at our last meeting.
We are trying to set up a table and website to post minutes and keep
everyone informed. This is just the beginning, I love you All!!

Lili G