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These are the best notes I've seen from any meeting.  Yay Katie, thanks! 

If people take notes like this and publish them through RSS, the technology people will be able to parse content items and solve lots of communication challenges by semantically organizing data.

On Thu, Oct 13, 2011 at 12:07 AM, Katie Davison <> wrote:
Hey All = below are the minutes from the working group meeting tonight.
see bold items for specifics to media and PR.

WORKING GROUP CHECK IN 10.12.11 - 9p meeting


Security - they don't want to be hierarchical but how do they work for us effectively? do we want them to enforce the rules? if so, what are the rules?
- there was a meting about dealing with drugs and alcohol and how to deal
- push to combine medical, security and conflict resolution etc
agenda point - what do we want security to do.

alt. economics WG started - tomorrow 5:30p meeting

ed and empowerment = open forum for teach ins

workers working group started - helps plug in people who work full time

graphic design WG started - media should be in touch
they deal with:
- outreach materials
- events/flyers

media - we passed a $25,000 budget through the GA ! groundbreaking!

internet WG - aware of communication problems. NYCGA new website training tomorrow night. 9:30p orientation/training - at least one member of each group needs to be present. they will be the moderator for their groups site.  bring computers! location TBD - but possibly an office in UFT building - AND THEY WANT US TO FILM IT FOR A HOW TO

think tank WG started - all about qualitative and quanitative analysis tools. they meet from 12p on to have substantive discussion that could possibly lead to break out groups and research committees etc. should work with outreach, ed and empowerment, call to action etc. they are all about streamlining and consolidating with other working groups, think it should be a priority.  have volunteers to do data entry for cards and leaflets.

sustainability WG - needs liaisons to working groups. they aim to reduce waist stream. think about rain, water, education. food/sanitation etc.

open source - they're developing a gifting platform that can list the needs of individuals and working groups, outside donors can search and donate to support them.  freedom tower - powerful wifi tower they're setting up that we can all use. also working on getting a biodiesel generator.

FRIDAY - PR SHOULD KNOW THIS - 100 people and their kids are coming to sleep at liberty plaza. they have requested reserved space in liberty plaza.
finding reserved space for them is problemativ
- suggestion that they sleep on the sidewalks since that's legal

Outreach - got office space. had organizers dinner where hundreds of organizers from the boroughs came. they're doing internal structuring. 

another streaming site wants to help out livestream - they'll be emailing the google group

shipping/inventory and storage working group - printed inventory list available soon. - email them if you have needs. if they have it, they will get it to us.
stock is food, clothing, med supplies, some office supplies.
their bins got taken - they need new ones. 

occupyit website exists



- internet wants classification for the website
- too many people call themselves working groups but aren't

Media presented the charter model
- idea that all working groups write a charter and have it ratified through the GA to define what type of group they are

proposed definition of work -
a project of common interest to the collective
is transparent - being clear about when and where they are meeting and posting minutes.
holding themselves accountable to the larger occupation, that they are accountable to the GA structure

3 groups
- working group
- thematic group - doesn't need to be open, but is transparent.
- affinity group - doesn't need to be open or transparent.

lots of concerns on the definition of work - how groups form.who really works and who doesn't. who should be defined as a working group.
which is why the charter could work as an inclusive model.

- the new website will have a new email address for all working groups to use at the nycga site!

- this will solve our google group communication problem!

- was originally proposed to address financial concerns
- explanation of spokes council
- proposal being crafted

for the time being there's 9a and 9p working group check in meetings
the coordination meeting will theoretically become the spokes council


- Bloomberg was there today. Sent a message saying we get to stay in the park under the condition that when they want to they can clean it.
which means we have to pick up all our shit and move it.
they said they are coming on Friday morning.

this is an issue because he's trying to make it look like he's ALLOWING US TO BE THERE!

he's not allowing us, he couldn't get us out!

moving people around in Spain was a precursor to the destruction of the square.

one of the fronts this is being fought on is on the political level - people talking to unions, city council etc
we're trying to organize a press conference of people to say don't move them. its clean, bring them porta potties

we need to have a conversation of the response when they come down.
do we want to clean ahead of time?
do we want to decorate?

things to consider -
is this something we're going to accept?  if they push do we risk arrest?

how does media and PR deal with this on a strategic level?!


PR -

bloomberg did NOT address the general assembly
perhaps the mayor misunderstood our process - he in fact did not address the general assembly but we invite him to soapbox anytime

Sanitation has already planned a square cleaning for Friday.
but we will attempt to pick up a bit thursday

we're occupying we are not being allowed.

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