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Sent time:   Thursday, October 13, 2011 7:51:45 AM
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I hear what you are saying but if people hold the brooms peacefully with one end on the ground and the other (broom) end up the picture will be very clear that these are not weapons - a broom is not a weapon unless it is used as such. The problem is - provocateurs, and one can almost be certain that they will  be there and will attempt to use the broom as a weapon and provoke a riot. 

Therefore, if this is to be done effectively, it must be put out to the media clearly ahead of time and the nonviolent intention made crystal clear, including to the mayor and the police. People will need great discipline to not react when and if the police do. 

If the police overreact (as they are likely to) and we take the blows, and it is recorded, it will go worldwide and further tremendously galvanize the movement. Remember Gandhi and the salt march. The brooms must not be raised either aggressively or to defend. Every person who is to participate must be hand picked and vetted to make sure they have the courage and willingness to abide by absolute nonviolent guidelines. If that can be done, this could be a major turning point. You will put the police and city in a lose/lose situation no matter which way they respond. If this happens tomorrow (Friday) I will come down and stand with you all. I can't make it today. 

Peace and solidarity,


On Oct 13, 2011, at 9:32 AM, Jason Jones wrote:

The wall st symbolic cleanup is a terrible idea and will end in disaster
There will be way too many impassioned people down there who will refuse to let their right to assemble be turned into a art project.
No matter how much training you impose on them.
The most important thing that must happen is that people put down their mops and brooms.
Otherwise when the police start arresting people for refusing to leave. Which will happen, i guarantee.
The tools will be construed as weapons and justify violence on the part of the police.
Much better to just have everyone link arms in solidarity. Without anything that looks like weapons.
Bloomberg is calling bluff. There's no way he wants to look like the bad guy again.
Especially the day before the 15th

On Thu, Oct 13, 2011 at 8:53 AM, Amin Husain <> wrote:

we need bodies too

labor and students

people who plan to protect the park with their presence

On Wed, Oct 12, 2011 at 10:49 PM, Justin Wedes <> wrote:
Here's my proposed idea to respond to Bloomberg/NYPD's proposed "cleanup" of the park:

Operation #wallstcleanup
Tonight, and all day tomorrow, all campers/supporters should reach out to friends/family/anyone to donate or purchase brooms, mops, squeegees, dust pans, garbage bags, and any other cleaning supplies to be collected at sanitation. The sanitation committee should move full-speed ahead on purchase of bins allocated by consensus at GA.

After General Assembly on Thursday, we'll have a full-camp cleanup session. Sanitation can coordinate, and anyone who is available will help with the massive community effort!

Then, Thursday morning, we'll awake and position ourselves with our brooms and mops in a human chain around the park, linked at the arms. If NYPD attempts to enter, we'll peacefully/non-violently stand our ground and those who are willing will get arrested. 

Afterwards, we'll march with brooms and mops to Wall Street to do a massive #wallstcleanup march, where the real mess is!

What do we think??