From:   Robert Christ <>
Sent time:   Thursday, October 13, 2011 2:51:03 PM

I love the EZLN, but it has been the defacto statement of the group for a while now to not endorse any other political movement.  ITs WAY to politically risky at the moment.  Occupy DC and others have already released documents of no affiliation and no-endorsement.  Within our own group, there are multiple groups working on similar proposals.

While I fully, personally, support the Zappatistas and know friends that have helped them in Chiapas, choosing to make them our first formal endorsement, or any endorsement, at this time, before we've made any demands, would be a mass media disaster.  Can't you just see what Bill O'Reilly would start saying on TV?  Kiss our movement goodbye.

Sorry guys.  

No Endorsements.
No Candidates.
Not Yet.

On Thu, Oct 13, 2011 at 4:37 PM, Liliana Gomez <> wrote:
Well it needs to be discused even if our support is verbal  and not financial we need to keep in mind that they are armed revolutionaries and we are not, supporting them publicly if they are on a government list as "terrosists" can distort our claims of being a non-violent movement, and we may also be labeled as terrorists under the Patriot act. I'm not a lawyer but we all know there is no such thing as Real freedom of thought or speech in this country and we could quickly suffer the repercussions of such a statement.


On Thu, Oct 13, 2011 at 9:41 AM, Doug Singsen <> wrote:
We should write the statement of support. This is really important.

On Thu, Oct 13, 2011 at 12:32 AM, <> wrote:
Urgent Message from Movement for Justice in El Barrio, The Other Campaign
New York

To Members of the OWS General Assembly:

Receive greetings and embraces of solidarity from the humble and simple
migrant community of El Barrio, NYC:

We are Movement for Justice in El Barrio – an organization of immigrants
that fights for dignity and against neoliberal displacement. We fight for
the liberation of every marginalized group, such as immigrants, people of
color, women, lesbians, gays, transgender people, and all the poor of the
world. We are part of the Zapatista-initated The Other Campaign.

Last Sunday, beneath the red sculpture that marks the entrance to "Liberty
Plaza", we shared our Declaration in Support of Occupied Wall St. As dusk
came upon us, our words found resonance in the hearts of people who, like
us, seek a world of dignity.

In addition to our Declaration, we shared with you a communiqué written 15
years ago by the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) of Mexico –
which is for many of us our homeland. In this communiqué, the Zapatistas
pay homage to all the women who fight for justice in the world.

For nearly three decades, the Zapatistas have waged a tireless and
profound struggle to build, as they say, “un mundo dónde quepan todos los
mundos”: A world in which all worlds fit. Day after day, they continue
building this world from below and to the left– outside of and against
political parties and the capitalist system. Their struggle is a kind of
poetry that has touched the hearts of dignified people from around the
world. Their vision and analysis of the world is perhaps best articulated
in the document, to which we adhere as an organization, called: La Sexta
Declaración de La Selva Lacandona (English version available here: We
believe strongly that the Zapatista struggle, with its form, principles,
and aims, has shaped profoundly the resistance that is taking place on
Wall Street today.

As you know, in the world in which we live, such a struggle is neither
welcomed nor celebrated, but instead: condemned, attacked, beaten,
imprisoned, repressed, silenced, raped, tortured, executed, distorted,

At present, the EZLN support communities of San Marcos Avilés and San
Patricio in Chiapas, Mexico, are currently facing severe forms of
violence, harassment, and displacement from their ancestral lands. The
indigenous peoples who reside in these two communities have become the
targets of such violence because they, brazenly, have exercised their
autonomy and right to self-determination as indigenous peoples, and have,
to that end, developed just systems of self-governance and alternative
community institutions, such as schools, cooperative farms and health
clinics, that reflect and support indigenous worldviews and culture. They
are under attack, in sum, for living a life of dignity and for demanding
that everyone be able to do so.

For this reason, and given the gravity of the situation, we write to you
to solicit your support for our humble proposal: We propose that at this
upcoming Wednesday's General Assembly meeting, the OWS General Assembly
consider, and ultimately endorse, a statement or resolution of support for
the Zapatista communities of San Miguel Avilés and San Patricio.
Representatives from our organization will be present to discuss the
details of the situation and proposal.

In light of the demanding workloads of our members, we ask that you please
respond to us as soon as possible, no later than this Friday, if you
accept our proposal at

With love and solidarity,

From El Barrio, NYC,

Movement for Justice in El Barrio, The Other Campaign New York