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Sent time:   Thursday, October 13, 2011 3:53:21 PM
Subject:   Re: Re: [september17discuss] Advice to #occupywallstreet from Matt Taibbi

I like you even more after this exchange. And agree with you about the rewards of a focus on economic issues.
The opportunity cost of mission creep exceeds the warm fuzzies generated by over-inclusion. 
My partner does fashion, and while it's not my world, no one should be defensive about it!

Funny how it wasn't 'silencing' to try and confront/overcome/resist the lone Israeli talking about J14, but grimwomyn championing a tight message is.

Now let's do go back and argue about Zionism! (jk)


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Guilty. I luv fashion and stupid celebs... it helps me decompress... ;)

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Now we know what you do when your not saving the world  :)
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Oh crap just realized that's what I pasted sorry! Google matt tiabbi occupywallstreet five things ill repost the link after I get home sorry for that!

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Whats with the celebrity photos?
On 10/13/11, grimwomyn<> wrote:
He hits on a lot of great points here. I am of the opinion that we tighten up quick abt being here for economic issues, as that is what is bringing the 99% here. If we get muddied into the many layers of politics, we are gonna be as bad as congress and not get anything done.

We started a class war and we better be ready to bring it home and finish it. If we get divided over cultural, ethnic, gender politics we are gonna be too busy fighting each other to pay attention to the monstrous banking and corporate system that wants us to fail. They want us to give up, they want us to go away. The fastest way to do that is to start fighting each other on the micropolitic level when all of those things, intolerance of others, misogyny, bigotry, and hatred will be a lot easier to fight once we get resources back into our communities.

We break the current unjust economic system the road will be clear for us to take on everything else.