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I'd refine this messaging a bit.  On the "cleaning" focus -- we should spin away from that.  That is the city's frame.  We don't have to play on their terms.  Advance our frame instead: our movement is popular and powerful, it's a threat to Wall Street and the 1% and that's who Bloomberg, our billionaire mayor, is in bed with.  (Literally - his girlfriend sits on the board of Brookfield AND on the board of's Wall Street pushing this eviction).  

That's our primary message.  Why talk so much about cleaning????  Response = that's a pretext.  What's really going on is...

Got off the phone with Labor, community coalitions, moveon (who by the way spent all night phonebanking thousands of NY members to come out at 6am!)

They think we'll have a turn-out of thousands in the morning.  But police are already rolling out trucks with barricades.  don't know what time they're set up but probably well before our 6am call.  so good chance we won't get close.  

Also a ridiculous amount of grassroots pressure, internationally, today.  Folks around the world calling 311 here, and calling Brookfield too (Avaaz published all their country numbers).  Electeds from all over the country involved in pressuring the city to back off. Tomorrow will be huge.  There's a good chance they'll clear the park in the wee hours when we're smaller, or that nothing will happen - no eviction.  Both possible.

2 scenarios, both wins:

1) Eviction --> real threat to wall street and 1%, we're powerful, movement explodes nationally, get out on Saturday noon

2) Nothing Happens --> we won, movement with power, fan the flames, get out on Saturday noon

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Nice points, Ed.  Just one edit – Diana Taylor is Bloomberg’s squeeze.  Bloomberg is UNmarried, one of the few good things about him.


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sure. i'll be there after 10:30am but i'll be online while traveling until then.

quick draft of message points. we should be simple, brief, and powerful.

  • we have demonstrated our commitment to sanitation and environmental needs from day one with only obstruction coming from the mayors office.
  • any attempt to clear the protesters @ #occupywallst is wholly unlawfull (we can snip a quote from the volunteer legal teams' communique to brookfield)
  • we deplore the disingenuous "bait and switch" tactics of the mayor's office.
  • as mayor's wife is on the board of company owning the park and recipient of 300k a year from board of CitiGroup, he credibility on this issue compromised beyond repair.
  • occupywallst is as committed as ever to stand our ground, peacefully and unwavering, to continue our message that our country's economic and electoral system is corrupt and this cannot be allowed to continue.


On Thu, Oct 13, 2011 at 10:05 PM, Beth Bogart <> wrote:

ed, can u pls take point on this -- will be there tomorrow in the early AM to help w/press wrangling. 


On Oct 13, 2011, at 10:00 PM, Ed Needham wrote:

ditto sparkly!

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YES, this is the right message -- I've been saying we were 'on it' all along, and with special guests arriving tomorrow night (the 100-plus schoolchildren we were already  planning, as anyone would, the Big Clean for Friday.  


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Media Team -

John K. has been working on a SANITATION piece all week - I think we should scrap reactive coverage of today's events and throw all our efforts into getting this piece finished and out in the world by end of day.

We need to show the world how hard our sanitation department works and send a clear message to Bloomberg et all. 
This is how we become more proactive as a media team.

I'll be there in half an hour with camera.  Need someone on audio with me.

And an editor or two.


PR - want to weigh in on messaging?

Also - I'll be staying down at camp tonight with camera. All cameras that are willing and able should do the same. 



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