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Sent time:   Thursday, October 13, 2011 9:41:07 PM
Subject:   Re: [september17discuss] Re: other ways to prepare for tomorrow

In a facililitation meeting held Wed 9pm, Security group reported that

there have been cases of groups of "skinheads" or violent individuals

already. Security mentioned there is a way to identify them by their

shoelaces. White shoelaces signify white supremacy; red shoelaces

represent BLOOD that has been spilled by that individual and

Yellow/purple is also denotes a status in this group. I hope you can

disseminate this information to everyone so we can report this to our

own security.

These groups are seeking out people of color minorities and those who

protest with us. For example, on Columbus Day we had to form strong

circle around the dance circle, and despite this, there are videos on

you tube depicting cases of physical harassment against indigenous


There hasn't yet been a code of conduct passed by the GA to

specifically address hatemonger groups or violent individuals but the

consensus definitely is, to have our own security remove them before

the police have to get involved....

There was also an incident at DC when people of color had to defend

themselves from violent right wing groups.

Most of these infiltrators who are looking to attack Muslims and

People of Color.




On Thu, Oct 13, 2011 at 10:28 PM, Richard S. <> wrote:

>>They will not always follow the typical picture  of a middle aged white guy with a beer gut<


> Thank you.  ;-)



> On Oct 13, 3:30 pm, grimwomyn <> wrote:

>> Also I would like to add that we need to be careful of agent

>> provocateurs, people who work very hard at bringing divisive issues

>> both on and off line. They will not always follow the typical picture

>> of a middle aged white guy with a beer gut, they may be in various

>> forms sent to create derision and infighting.


>> Corporations would much rather see us kill the movement off ourselves

>> with infighting than with bully clubs from police.


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>> > I assume some or all of this will come up at the GA tonight and/or in

>> > working groups, but:

>> > * I'm sure our own activists, and the media, will be videoing everything

>> > tomorrow morning, but do we need special preparation to encourage and

>> > centralize immediate dissemination of video/photos of possible cop

>> > brutality? Do we need to tell the press now that we're doing such

>> > documentation, i.e. as a way of sending the public message that we expect

>> > the worst from Bloomberg and Kelly?

>> > * The same re Medics: In addition to our own Medics, maybe we should put

>> > out a special call to healthcare workers who've been volunteering from

>> > unions or elsewhere to show up -- and again, maybe put out a call to the

>> > press saying we're lining up such help as a way of sending the public

>> > message that we expect the worst from Bloomberg and Kelly.

>> > Maybe the Medics should do some emergency prep training tonight for

>> > nonmedics on how to help with emergencies, tear gas, etc., and OWSers in

>> > general should be educated on what to do if they're gassed, if they see

>> > someone getting beaten, etc.

>> > * I don't even mention the legal angle, I'm sure that's in high gear

>> > already.

>> > * All of which is a way of saying BEFOREHAND that "the whole world is

>> > watching."