From:   Richard S. <>
Sent time:   Friday, October 14, 2011 11:49:53 AM
To:   september17 <>
Subject:   [september17discuss] Re: writer's support

Nice to see some writers signing a list of support, but I was

wondering, if the list is of "top-notch" writers, what criteria are

used to determine whether a writer is "top notch," and would any

writers who want to sign be rejected for not being high enough in the

hierarchy? :-)


On Oct 14, 12:59 am, Nathan Schneider <>


> I thought y'all might like to know that some colleagues of mine have  

> just put together a massive list of top-notch writers who have  

> expressed their support for OWS. It's an open list, so more people  

> will be joining all the time.




> Spread it around.


> Nathan


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