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Also try Century 21 on Cortlandt. Never a line for men -- unfortunately the women's line can be long.
you certainly don't need to buy a suit there to go!

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Subject: [september17discuss] Re: Comfort/bathroom info for nearby Liberty Plaza
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If anybody is willing to walk a few blocks for a bathroom...  Whenever
I need to use a bathroom while I'm spending time at Liberty Plaza, I
go to the one at the Cafe Bravo on Rector St. and Greenwich St.  It's
clean and private, they never give me a problem (though I do buy
coffee there pretty often...), it is open pretty late (I am always
able to go there close to midnight, at least), and there is never a
line.  (Though if more people know about this, maybe there will be a
line, but...I am willing to take that risk and share this information
for the cause.)

On Oct 14, 12:48�pm, Conor Tom�Reed <>
> Hello, all.
> Someone told me today that a bathroom in an office building nearby Liberty
> Plaza can be easily accessible, just in case McDonald's ain't cutting it.
> It's at 139 Fulton St, on the ground floor. Walk past the front desk and
> then you'll see it on the left. One person at a time can use it discreetly.
> happy bathrooming!
> -Conor