From:   Liliana Gomez <>
Sent time:   Friday, October 14, 2011 3:11:18 PM
Subject:   [september17discuss] Demands Working Group

The next two meetings of the Demands Working Group will be at 6:00 PM
Sunday, October 16 and at 7:00 PM Tuesday, October 18 at Zuccotti Park.
We are planning to meet at these same times weekly. These times were
agreed on at the last meeting, although they are accidentally omitted
from the minutes. Due to the crowds in the park itself we will be first
gathering at the Red Cube statue across the street from the East edge of
the park. We may have to relocate from there depending on police
presence, since this is outside the occupied area.

At the last meeting we agreed to focus our own efforts first on the two
demands( Jobs for All-- A Massive Public Works Program; and End the
Attacks on our Rights) because they seemed to be the least controversial
among us. We agreed on a goal of refining these demands and proposing
them to the General Assembly by October 23. We would next focus on
discussing the more controversial demands dealing with the financial
system and the electoral process, since in those areas there were
several conflicting demands. For example, for the financial systems
proposed demands ranged from reinstating Glass Stengel to nationalizing
the entire financial system with many in between.No one wants to ignore
these demands—we just decided to handle them second, after the ones we
can agree on more easily.

Please come on Sunday and help refine our first two demands and talk
about a strategy for getting agreement from the whole Occupy Wall Street
movement and the GA.

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