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Wow that's a pretty blatant attempt at using Occupy Berkley to further their campaign. I agree should put up something similar to what Jon posted. Even if it is not by consensus I don't think there would be a lot of pushback against that phrase. If we don't get out ahead of this thing it'll only get harder to control our message later on.


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Last I heard the working groups put topics for discussion to the rotating facilitators, and the facilitators put the topics in order.  
On 10/14/11, Jon Good<> wrote:
If you're right, Micah, then we must keep ahead of them.  Who is running  Who's scheduling the topics for discussion at the GA?  PLEASE email me if you know the answers to these questions.

I would like to propose a resolution and statement TONIGHT.  It is short.  It is simple.  It defines us.  The text would read:

"The occupation acknowledges that the problems we face cannot be solved by either the Democratic or the Republican parties.  Both parties are controlled and corrupted by Wall Street."

Please help get this passed and released if you think it's a good idea.



On Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 4:04 PM, Micah White <> wrote:
Further, let me point out that these orgs (MoveOn especially) are working on a local level to co-opt as well as on a national level.  Locally, they are approaching occupy movements and trying to channel them into the "Rebuild the dream" movement.  It would be very helpful if the NY #OWS would advise the other occupations to be careful.

Otherwise we're going to wake up and 50% of the occupy movement is marching to MoveOn's drum beat.


On Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 1:00 PM, Bailey McCann <> wrote:
Don't forget these orgs also just need money to function which is why it's beneficial for them to co-opt not only is it about electing corporate sponsored pols but padding the budgets of these orgs. Have to be mindful of how "support" plays out on all levels.

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On Oct 14, 2011, at 3:54 PM, Micah White <> wrote:

I agree with David.  These people want to "ride the wave" of this movement and channel it into democratic party politics. #OWS started as a movement to end the monied corruption of democracy. Being aligned with the democrats will not only be hypocritical but it will ultimately be the kiss of death.

We are a revolutionary movement not an electioneering campaign.  Do not be naive: they have a whole strategy lined out as to how to turn #OWS into a reelection bid for corporate-funded politicians.


On Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 12:49 PM, David DeGraw <> wrote:
i hear you guys, move on has been helpful, we need to be open to otherorgs, i get all that, but dangerous to ignore Dem / hierarchicalco-option, imo

On 10/14/2011 3:32 PM, Jon Good wrote:
Is there anybody who has a link to any high-ups in MoveOnwho can firmly (but nicely!) remind them that the entire occupation'ssurvival depends on them not bringing partisan politics into this. Moreover, remind them that because they are so privileged their accessto media, it's their obligation to pass the mic over to others who arenot.

As for the fact that they ignored us in the past, it was thepast.  This is now.  Things are different.  It's shitty that the bigguns weren't joining until we looked like we actually can succeed inchanging things, but it's awesome that people can change their minds. Our movement has been wronged infinitely more by the finance industry,the federal government, and the NYPD than by MoveOn not supporting usin the past.  Don't let it get to us.



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1.One of the reasons Chris Bowers' post on DailyKos was so helpful isthat OWS and OccupyTogether had done a poor job of making it easy tofind and join occupations around the country. That post, which has beenliked/shared/tweeted more than 40k times and has appeared on countlessother media, was a tremendous service at a time when OWS didn't haveit's own 'official' web presence. While I've heard that issuch a thing, I've also heard that the official site lies in thefuture, and that 'there is no can there be an official site' because ofhow OWS is organized.
2. Such an approach to the website is mirrored by the generalattitude towards binding decisions and hierarchy. No one has theauthority to say 'this is official, this is inside, that is outside.'Only GA decisions can do that, and if the past is a guide, the GA isopenly resisting efforts to be explicitly for or against any otherentity, candidate or political effort.
3. On those ground, as long as these people are identified asMoveOn, then the MSM is just doing what it should do: locate credible,reputable spokespeople who can give insight on current events. It'slikely that these MoveOn people are known personally to the producers,and with the recent support (with bodies!) given by MoveOn to the OWS,MoveOn is defacto in the same position as any other group whose membersare involved in OWS. Which is to say: present, accounted for, and notentitled to represent themselves AS the movement, but only as part ofthe movement. 
4. If there is a quote showing that a MoveOn spokespersonclaimed to represent the GA, I'd like to see it.
5. The MSM need not do anything special to help the 99% looklike it belongs on the Dem side of the aisle. It is enough that we livein a two party political system. I can only sympathize with thePaulites who have shown real dedication in supporting OWS. Theirpresence might not last, but it must be incredibly frustrating to beseen as supporting something that is de-facto on the left, liberal sideof the political divide, where you might find elected Democrats likeBarbara Lee, Raul Grijalva, but not any Tea Party loving Republicans.Democracy For America, the DCCC, Progressive Democrats of Americaaren't joining the OWS bandwagon because of some political error; it'sbecause this movement includes many Democrats and overlaps with many ofthe forces on the left side of the Democratic Party (*cough* LABOR).
6. Want the MSM to give more deference to a clear OWS voice?No problem. Create a diverse cadre of spokespeople trained to appear ontelevision, stick to carefully thought out talking points whileconforming to cable tv culture. Let them represent ONLY positionsapproved by the GA, and have the ability to say, explicitly, that theyare speaking on behalf of OWS. This would take about two days of hardwork. Ah, but who has the right to embark on such a project? Untilthen, expect the press to look for folks they know how to handle, bethey MoveOn, Democrats, Naomi Klein, Van Jones or Michael Moore.


On Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 2:31 PM, DavidDeGraw <>wrote:
top MoveOn leaders / executives are all over national televisionspeaking for the movement.  Saying We, We, We, We and directing peopleto, which redirects to the DailyKos.

again, fully appreciate the help and support of MoveOn, but the MSM isclearly using them as the spokespeople for OWS.  I just had anoff-record discussion w/ NBC executives who say that other news execsthere plan to use them to divide the movement. This is an blatantattempt to fracture the 99% into a Democratic Party organization. Theleadership of MoveON and the Daily Kos are Democratic Party operatives. They do a lot of great work, but they are divide and conquer pawns.  For years they ignored Wall Street protests to keep complete focus onthe Republicans, in favor of Goldman's Obama and Wall Street'sDemocratic leadership.

if anyone at Move On or Daily Kos would like to have a public debateabout these comments, we invite it.

if MoveOn leaders / executives are going to keep going on National TVto speak for OWS, we need them to make a clear statement.

please urgently propose that statement or a plan to call them out in aneffective way.

know there are some people who think any attempts at co-option will beunsuccessful, and there is some truth to that, but we can't let blatantco-option attempts continue w/out a response.  the longer we remainsilent as people get on national tv claiming to speak for and lead themovement, the more damage will be done.