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We're protesting Obama too… Do I smell coalition-building?

(no, probably not.)


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I realize everything in here is screwed up a million ways over but I just found it so friggin strange and funny that I had to forward it . . . 

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Subject: Disgrace: Occupy Wall Street Mobs Bully Park Owners & Police
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The "Occupy Wall Street" mobs won a battle today by intimidating and harassing - the exact same tactics the protest mobs used earlier this year in Wisconsin.

The park that the mobs have "occupied", Zucotti Park, is a privately owned park.  The park owners, citing sanitation and security issues, wanted the protesters to leave today so they could try to clean the park.  But the mobs threatened police they would not leave and then Democrat city officials and lawmakers threatened the park owners to back down or else the lawmakers promised to make life difficult for the property management company that owns the park.

And the mobs continued their shameful behavior, with 14 more protesters arrested following clashes with police.  This comes as more and more of the mob leaders have called for the use of violence.  On MSNBC today one analyst said that what the movement needed to grow even more was a Kent State moment.

Today we also uncovered more evidence of Barack Obama's complicity with the protest mobs as his senior advisor, David Plouffe, told ABC News that Obama supported the mobs:

It's truly outrageous and shameful that the president of the United States is siding with mobs that clash with law enforcement, intimidate and harass property owners and try to shut down Wall Street.

That's why we here at The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama are fighting back!  For the past few days we've been putting together a TV ad campaign that will expose the ties between Barack Obama and Democrat leaders in Congress and the Occupy Wall Street mob.

We need your support to help us pay for this national TV ad campaign.  We're going to launch our two-front effort with these TV ads showing Obama's ties to the "Occupy Wall Street" mob as well as our existing TV ad campaign that highlights "Obama's Legacy of Failure:"

Please support this effort by making a contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or more to help fund this effort.

A national TV ad spot costs anywhere from $4,000 - $40,000 for the networks we want to have our ads air on.  So we need everyone to pitch in so that we can buy these spots by pooling together contributions from tens of thousands of American patriots such as yourself.


If you prefer you can also mail in a contribution to our headquarters:


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