From:   shaista husain <>
Sent time:   Saturday, October 15, 2011 5:29:13 AM
Subject:   Re: [september17discuss] Fellow white dudes

P.S i noticed that Al Jazeera reports were all white dude centered as

well... and the reports i read about OWS in pakistan, claim SOROS is

funding this project. Just like initially at beginning of Tahrir

Square Occupation, there were reports that it was a Freedom House

project and our very own white house was behind it. Bullshit--it has

taken on a life of its own, despite all allegations of co-option.

Also, Obama is clearly not white, the media love him, but his tommery

has no end. So the question of media strategy should be informed by

our politics on the ground. If our white allies would become truly

revolutionary--we can succeed in building a movement that is truly

pluralistic and diverse--inclusive--and that can have serious

repercussions that no one can co-opt. So, i apologize if sounded like

i was discounting your idea, i support it, Jon, i was just pushing for

more anti-racist program of action, so with all respect due--let's

bring the struggles on the ground to the fore, without allowing

co-option by white middle class centered media, and create our own

media as a direct challenge. If this movement must be co-opted let it

be by the poor, hard working folks of this most diverse city, and let

our movement represent that diversity.

In solidarity,



On Sat, Oct 15, 2011 at 5:41 AM, shaista husain <> wrote:

> So cute, Jon, i don't think the media loves white dudes, its just that

> most white dudes have a serious disconnect with people of color. NOT

> all, of course, i know some white dudes that can put anyone to shame.

> I think this little vanity trip should be deconstructed.

> Whiteness is the ballerina image. It signifies the desires of white

> dude. That image has been up for so long, its time to decenter

> yourselves but for reasons to celebrate, don't think if you are not in

> the media that people won't love you anymore===no need for jealousy...

> its deeper than that. It is a race and class issue.

> Let me give you an example. Remember Rae Abilae from CODEPINK when she

> went in all by herself to protest against Netanyahu? She did disrupt

> with an effective propoganda of the deed. It worked! But let's say i

> did that same thing. With my name and my looks, i would have been shot

> in the head without a blink or sent to guantanamo bay without due

> process, i would NOT have been considered a HEROIC act===every

> newspaper in the world would have said "TERRORIST ATTACK by lone

> muslim woman"

> So black people may not even want to do civil disobedience, they may

> be far more non violent than you--but the stereotype is FOR REAL and

> the police repression is for real. The economic injustice is for real.

> Until we defend people of color and their efforts ---white dudes will

> continue in this delusional vanity---nothing will change. So please

> --you don't have to disappear if the media comes to you---you can and

> should criticize the racist media as a white dude, you are more than

> able to dismantle racism and teach other white people, who probably

> would listen to you easier. Thank you my white dude allies, i love

> you!

> shaista


> On Sat, Oct 15, 2011 at 5:06 AM, Jon Good <> wrote:

>> Dear fellow occupiers who happen to identify as white and male,

>> The media loves us.  The media is owned by white dudes, and most of the

>> producers and editors are white dudes too, and so when their news teams are

>> out at our occupation and our marches, they go straight for the white dudes

>> to get interviews and quotes.  The result of the disproportionate

>> representation of white dudes in the media makes the occupation looks way

>> whiter and  more manly than it actually is.  This imaging makes us seem less

>> legitimate in the eyes of non-white non-dudes, because, unfortunately, it

>> makes it seem like our opinions matter more than theirs do.  The majority of

>> New Yorkers are not white dudes, and this occupation cannot succeed without

>> the support, participation, and  of that majority.

>> Therefore, I would like to ask my fellow white dudes to help me in fixing

>> this misguided crush that cameras and reporters have on us. Tomorrow,

>> October 15, will be a huge media day. When you get approached by the media

>> for a comment or a shot, I'd like you to join me in re-directing media

>> people to talk to people who aren't white dudes instead.

>> This can be done completely blatantly by telling a reporter something like

>> "I'm sorry, please find someone who's not a white dude and interview them",

>> or more subtly with a "I'm not really the best person to be talking to, but

>> this is ______, and she can do a better job answering your questions than I

>> can.

>> Solidarity,

>> Jon