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Subject: notes and text numbers

We still need info for a medical contact and a liberty park contact....

Meeting Minutes for October 15th Action 10.14.11

Current TV: love to work with individual groups and follow them though actions.

Goal for Oct 15th: Ignite a global revolution

Labor: 11AM Liberty Square march to a Chase bank 17 withdraw $ Washing to Square to students GA Time Square(notice blasted far and wide)

Students: 12PM Prep and hold GA WSP 2PM going to bank with creative loud festivities back to WSP by 4PM love to talk about getting to Time Square

Environmental: 3:30PM meet at NY Library 42nd and 5th (guerilla theater training and other festivities) bank die-in then to Time Square (Rev Billy, RAN and other blasting)

Housing: Housing justice meet up in the Bronx. O4O already killing it!

Anti-War: 12PM Broadway and Wall to military recruitment station Judson Memorial (4PM) Time Square

On-Line: 2000 people already signed up � writing emails to the 200 top bankers. Legal concerns already coming to light. Do have home addresses � but cannot put them on-line. All the emails will be collected and sent in one batch a day. Will print out daily digests. Reaching out to the postal workers. Email addresses will be open.

Time Square: Planning on coherent act for a moment of clarity. Show up at TKTS area by the stairs at 46th / 47th and Broadway. The coaxers will be with flags guiding folks. Once critical mass � 5:30 brass bands start. At 5:59 � air horns will sound and we will mike check:�we are lighting the torch of democracy� we are celebrating the birth of a renewed nation� a nation by and for the 99%.� We will then light 2000 sparklers and candles and sing the chorus of �This Little Light of Mine.� The bands will then lead people down into the trains for a train party to the after party. (Bryant Park as back up.)

After Party: Have working group support an after party where there will be a D.J. and the author Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak and Bronx for Change will speak. It is important to get people onto the subway and to the after party.

Media: Facebook and Media a go

Legal: NLG, ACLU, Peoples Law Collective will be out

Medics: Will have pairs out tomorrow � trying to most out � but priority is with the occupation.

Arts and Culture: Puppets!

Facilitation: Will have short GAs in both the Liberty Square and the after party

Live-Stream: Will make a plan to have 6 streams going at once. Global Revolution channel will be active.

PR: We will check-in with after this meeting. Two NYT reporters will go out with students and labor. NY Magazine and Fault Lines � AJ.

Logistics: Made announcement for people to stay in park if park feeling thin. 10AM meeting � have flags, bike scouts, maps.

Communications: Need text-loop for point people and them individual groups can set up text loops internally. Twitter for info for the after party.

Water: Buy jugs of water and pass it around (action teams will deal with this)