Sent time:   Saturday, October 15, 2011 1:24:54 PM
Subject:   [september17discuss] DECLARATION IN SUPPORT OF OCCUPY WALL ST.



The following “Declaration in Support of Occupy Wall St.” by Movement for

Justice in El Barrio was shared on Sunday, October 9th, 2011 during their

participation at Occupy Wall St.


To the General Assembly of Occupy Wall St.:


To the dignities that resist in the world:


To civil society:


Receive greetings and embraces of solidarity from East Harlem, New York.


We are Movement for Justice in El Barrio, an organization of immigrants in

El Barrio, NYC that fights for human dignity and against community

displacement driven by neoliberal globalization. We are a community, which

like in other corners of the world, large transnational corporations and

the bad government constantly seek to displace.


We fight for the liberation of every marginalized group, such as

immigrants, people of color, women, lesbians, gays, transgender people,

and all the poor of the world. As predominantly Mexican immigrants, we are

part of The Other Campaign – a national Mexican movement that seeks to

unify all the struggles from below and to the left. This movement was

initiated by our beloved Zapatista brothers and sisters in Chiapas,

Mexico. We walk with them to change the world from below.


Movement for Justice in El Barrio fights independently and outside of the

elite political class and political parties of those from above.


We fight against the capitalist system and against the servants of that

system, which are the politicians of political parties such as the

Democratic Party and the Republican Party. We know that the political

class works for the benefit of those from above and against those from



The majority of us come from Mexico, which is a strong military and

economic corridor of those in power. We also know that the dictatorship in

Mexico is also a major ally to the bad government that oppresses us here

in the United States.


Today, together we contest the neoliberal bad governments and

globalization’s global capitalism.


We, Movement for Justice in El Barrio, have always believed that history

cannot be written by those from above, and we have acted upon this

conviction. The bad governments cannot contain forever the anxieties of a

people that desires to be free; of a people of women, men, elderly and

children who demand freedom, justice, and democracy.

Today, we embrace all the struggles that resist with dignity, and are now

fighting against the war of death, which the neoliberal beast and its

savage governments impose on us.

Today we embrace all the hearts of humble and simple people who, like us,

are also dignified and rebellious. We are writing history, the history of

our struggle for life and against death, which the political systems from

every corner of the world impose upon us.


Today we embrace all the dignified hearts that together are building from

below and to the left, tearing down and shaking off of the world all the

lies that the political system imposes upon us.


Today we embrace all of the dignified hearts that, in their own time, in

their own style and form of struggle, are revealing the destructive and

deathly realities that neoliberalism is causing in our places of origin.


Today we embrace all of the dignities that fight to preserve our cultures

and practices that give us our own identity as human beings, that take

pride in being different, and that fight for a better world for our

children and our children’s children – a world in which many worlds fit.


Movement for Justice in El Barrio denounces the mass media for always

telling the history of those from above. Now that people have shown that

peace without justice is a farce, the mass media continue to tell us the

story of those from above and of the victory they wish to see, to the

benefit of the big companies.


They tell us that a people without leaders does not truly know what it

wants, but this is not true. They tell us that people need politicians

imposed upon them so that they may be lead, else become savages. But we

know who the true savages are. We denounce the mainstream media and the

multinational corporations of those from above for blocking and impeding

the right of the community to communicate and express itself.


We have the right to be free and that is why we fight for our liberation

and for the liberation of all those from below.


The humble and noble people of El Barrio support you. Your cause is our own.


With love and solidarity,


Movement for Justice in El Barrio