From:   Wolf <>
Sent time:   Saturday, October 15, 2011 10:18:00 PM
To:   Global Revolution Media <>
Subject:   [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Livestream and other media - Attn to people on the ground

Please..... enough with the shaky cam. For the world this Livestream

is all we have. A non stop panning/ bouncing camera that alternates

between the backs of heads, backs, a light, a wall, and a side shot of

a cop all in 6 seconds is dizzying. Please find a way to steady cam

this when in the crowd. In addition, it is hard for the world to see

what NYPD is up to if a camera is swinging wildly.


For instance, earlier before the horse incident when they were moving

in around 46 and 6th, camera was all over the place in the span of

seconds. Net effect for Livestream: zero