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I am sympathetic to most of the groups that people are suggesting that we endorse, but I think it is wiser to endorse general principles than individual groups, at least for now.   Every time you endorse one group you will inevitably be shaving off part of the 99%.  It may seem easy to say good riddens, but things are never as simple as it seems.  A movement as big as the one we are trying to build should be going after the biggest enemies, the ones that create and/or exploit most of these divisions in the first place.  Let us stay strategically focused on the big picture:  those that profit the most from the suffering they cause.  If we end up fighting each other instead of them, then their age-old divide and conquer technique will have won them yet another victory.
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A few things...

The wildly irresponsible and misinformed commentary concerning the
Zapatistas, which has arisen in response to our humble proposal, have
obliged us to offer a rejoinder.

These baseless comments, which for example distort the Zapatistas as
"armed" and "violent," are - ironically enough - directly informed by the
same oppressive media discourse that paints OWS as confused, aimless,
unproductive, disorganized, etc. Thus, in suggesting as much, you
reproduce and give legitimacy to the very people who seek to stigmatize
you - an even more "dangerous" media strategy.

Regrettably, this is but one example of several troubling misconceptions
surrounding the Zapatistas that some folks have circulated here.

We invite those with limited knowledge of the EZLN's profound 28-year
history of struggle, and its vast contributions to intellectual, cultural,
and political life, to consult the document we provided in our proposal.
This document, the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle (again, in
English here:, clearly
articulates the EZLN's vision, methods, and goals. Upon reading it, you
will note that they are decidedly a non-violent movement.

In addition, we invite those who seem confused as to what constitutes
violence to remember the following: That the true violence -
malnourishment, poverty, displacement, rape, harassment, physical attacks,
and death - is currently being faced by the Zapatista indigenous
communities of San Marcos Avilés and San Patricio, to whom we offer our
unwavering support and solidarity, as an affirmation of our shared

-Movement for Justice in El Barrio