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Subject:   Re: [september17discuss] Who's Citi? Our City!

have people seen what us uncut and uk uncut have been doing? if not, i

encourage you to....


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> Yesterday 24 people were arrested at a Citbank in the Village SOLELY for

> trying to take their money out. I heard the story from an NLG legal

> observer, and it was confirmed by the media; see:


> and


> (The Times account includes lies from bank management about what happened.)

> Obviously we have to defend the comrades arrested.

> But this could also be an important turning point in the propaganda war

> against the banks.

> Citi has said: "This is OUR money, not YOURS. WE decide what to do with it,

> and we have the armed force of the state to ensure that."

> WE in response can say: "Fine. We went the route your ideology insists on,

> of consumer "choice." We encouraged people to put their money elsewhere (the

> Amalgamated or credit unions), and you called the NYPD on us.

> "So we're moving on to the only realistic solution. We will take back our

> money, and see it used for socially productive purposes -- NOT by

> withdrawing it, but by building a movement to occupy the banks, and once

> occupied, to unify and nationalize them under democratic control, i.e. under

> the control of unions, of tenants' and homeowners' groups, etc., i.e. of the

> 99% who want to decide collectively where the money is invested. And we know

> that the result will be investment in childcare centers, not missiles; in

> schools, not warships; in parks, not nuclear plants or fracking

> facilities..."

> Such an approach, I should add, is also important in countering

> the right-wing libertarian demagogy about ending the Fed or other

> reactionary nostrums, as well as the liberal utopian fantasy that

> Glass-Steagall (separating commercial from investment banks) or breaking

> them into smaller, still-private, banks, is either possible or desirable.

> Andy