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Subject:   [september17discuss] How do we get there? Well, you’re going to have to make some changes... By Sky Shields
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Humanity finds itself today on the brink of a transformation -- a revolution in our
mode of operation as a species. We have the opportunity -- if we are sufficiently
prepared -- to shake off the vestigial flesh of Empire once and for all, and exit from
human society’s adolescence into its adulthood.

But in order to accomplish this, we must understand: What is the principle of Empire?

How do find ourselves in this current crisis?

The answers to these questions are not what you have been led to believe.

Humanity is the only species which possesses the notion of history. As a species,
we possess the capability to engage in a dialogue across time, with those who have
already passed physically from this Earth and, reciprocally, those who have yet to
be born. In this way mankind is potentially an immortal species -- we need not die
when our bodies do.

For this reason, a credit system based on long-term investment
in transformative physical economic projects is absolutely essential -- it is our means
of acting consciously on the future, and allowing it to reach back and define our
activity and value in the present. For this same reason, no monetarist policies such
as so-called Free Trade or deregulation can be permitted, as these are consciously
modeled on the perceived behavior of animals: the fraudulent and bestial notion of
“natural selection.”

But the past decades have seen a spread of such bestiality globally -- Empire re-imagined
as “globalization.” This was not merely a shift in economic and strategic policy;
it has been accomplished by modes of psychological warfare against the American
population which would make Aldous Huxley wet with joy. In order to get human
beings to behave as animals, they had to be trained to think of themselves as such.
This was accomplished in large part by the implementation of the counter-culture
of the 1960s. If ideas are immortal, but sense perception dies with the body, then
Empire demands that the human individual identify themselves with their senses,
exactly as do the beasts. The rock-drug-sex trinity of the Baby Boomers -- passed on
to their children as inheritance -- was exactly the prescription for such destruction.

The explicitly anti-human tenets of the environmentalist movement solidified this
imperial social trend as policy, attacking specifically those traits which distinguish
mankind from the apes. In this way the so-called “right” and the so-called “left” represent
merely two complementary parts of the grasping claw of Empire which has
brought human society currently to the brink of destruction. The disease, hunger,
and underdevelopment of the third world, and the cultural, economic, and psychological
decay of the first world, are two sides of the same coin.

In order to escape this horror, it is not sufficient to oppose it. What will replace the
evil of Wall St. and City of London?

 We must have an eye to mankind’s future.

Otherwise asked: How do we succeed in population growth?

 How do we spread civilized mankind beyond the confines of this planet, into a destiny among the stars,
as the assassinated President Kennedy foresaw?

 How do we undo the effects of his murder, its cover-up, and the subsequent rot of America, and reclaim the future which has now been lost for too long?

video what is economics from Jason Ross