From:   Andrew <>
Sent time:   Monday, October 17, 2011 8:34:02 AM
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Subject:   [GlobalRevolutionMedia] DA gets to Obama

Occupy Filmers:

I have on our site that is more organized now, I will give the password today at the meeting. The new site is available at, which is not supposed to be pushed by pr until it is more completed, which may be this week I hear?

Direct Action is going to Obama hq today to protest extreme fossil fuel projects at 3:30pm. Let's discuss this at the meeting. 

Check your revamped Production Book to begin signing up for both shifts in the mobile office, and crew/post shifts/tasks. I was at the internet meeting last night asking when we'd have a site interface that takes info, and self manages events as they get crowd completed. They didn't have an answer, but I think Open Source will as I hear may do this. All departments need much more personel as at the Media mtg on Saturday there were only about 10-15 people there. How will we build a new earth with that many people in the media meeting? 

We can start making videos encouraging people to join the working groups devoted to egalitarianism by visiting our site, which would be great as a joint effort.

See you all at 11 for media mtg. Please send out an email when mtg location is confirmed all you insiders.