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Matt! You are amazing! This is fantastic!


With respect and solidarity,


(See you tonight at the legal meeting)


On Sun, Oct 16, 2011 at 10:49 PM, Matthew Presto

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> Hello,

> At tonight's General Assembly, we had small breakout groups in which people

> discussed the issue of safety at the occupation and what folks might like to

> see in a Community Agreement. Some issues discussed included: racism,

> sexism, theft, substance use, smoking, noise, assault, etc.

> The Safer Spaces Committee will be compiling all of this information and

> propose a Community Agreement for the GA in the coming days. In order to

> reach out to a wider variety of people, I am also contacting folks on this

> listserve for their individual input, or bring this topic to your working

> group, thematic group, or caucus for discussion!

> .

> The three questions asked to people at the GA tonight were as follows:

> 1. What does safety mean to you generally?

> 2. What are safety concerns for you and others at the occupation?

> 3. What agreements could we make as a community that would make you feel

> safer in this space?



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> Thanks,

> Matt







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