From:   Abraham Heisler <>
Sent time:   Monday, October 17, 2011 3:01:45 PM
Subject:   SPAM-MED: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] 11AM Meeting today minutes



We had a meeting today and Jazcer took minutes. He will type them and

hopefully post them tonight. There were a lot of new faces, so we just

introduced them to what was going on with media and asked them to

speak to David about photography, Thorin about Livestream, and myself

for edited content (OCCCUPY TVNY). There was no one there for radio.


The issue of security and clearance came up and I suggested that we

discuss it with the general group at tomorrow's 5PM meeting.


I think that Tuesday and Thursday's 5PM meetings should be for

everyone in media to meet and decimate information. Important internal

issues should be brought up and discussed then and we should urge

newcomers not to attend as they may feel a little lost. The 11AM

meetings should be for new people to come and get plugged in. We can

discuss more tomorrow, but those are my thoughts on how not to scare

new people away.