From:   Vicente Rubio <>
Sent time:   Monday, October 17, 2011 8:38:23 PM
Subject:   Re: [september17discuss] Book on/by OWS

Thanks for the ideas, Snafu. I'm trying to arrange a meeting with the publisher for this week, so all people interested can meet and we can discuss on how we can procede. Keep you updated!


2011/10/17 Snafu <>
Hi Vicente,

a platform to write a book in a collaborative manner, as an open process, is booki. It is wiki-based and it has been used for coordinating the "book sprints"--i.e. intensive writing sessions in which a small group of participants (typically 5-10) get in a room, brainstorm, write, and edit each other on a given theme for three days. Here is an example of a book sprint on collaboration which was printed from the Wiki:

In theory, we could ask different committees and groups that meet at OWS to put together a chapter of the book through this system and see what happens.

A second, more traditional model, are the books edited with the support the Institute for the Future of the Book. In this case, the project is led by one or more writers who put out their ideas, receive comments, and incorporate (or discard) these comments in the print version of the book. This platform has been used by several academic writers, especially in the area of new media and culture, to produce books that have also had a certain editorial success:

A third model is We Are Everywhere, a project edited by an editorial collective about the global justice or alter-globalization movement, which relied more on full-color images and an epic storyline than political texts or conflicting viewpoints:

All three models have pros and cons and although the first one is undoubtedly the more democratic, it is not necessarily the one that yields the best final product. So it really depends on whether one wants to lay the emphasis on process or on outcome--a dilemma that I guess affects this movement at every level. But the good think about the first one is that it forces people to meet to produce something together IRL.


On 10/17/11 8:38 PM, Vicente Rubio wrote:
Hi everybody,

there is an initiative by Colin Robinson, from OR Books, to publish a book on OWS. A tentative list of issues and structure for the book is explained in the attached documents. From what I've been told by Andrew Ross, who told me last night about this project, Colin would like to keep in the book the collaborative, horizontal spirit of this movement. Following the same thought, I'm posting this here. Colin will contact (or may have contacted already) with participants at OWS to put this initiative forward. Another interesting aspect of this project (and therefore the "on/by" at the title of this message) is that it aims to be - that's my understanding, at least - a product of the very process we are building here, and not a distant, unengaged look at it. So I think it would be interesting to open a discussion among interested participants here (I'm posting this in the two lists I participate, September17, and Empowerment and Education), and try to open a collective process for this.

Let's practice and show (once again) some collective intelligence here! :)

Let me know what you think, and how we can do it.