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This is an ongoing topic of conversation at #OccupyWallStreet.


Some devices are critical tools to the indie media goals of our

movement, but those tools are built by large corporations.


I personally err on the side of using tools for their specific purpose

regardless of their origin if it advances our goals.


But that's my $0.02




On Oct 18, 2011, at 1:26 AM, Deadfish wrote:


> I've been with the movement here in Chicago for the last two weeks

> now. Problem is, I'm starting to be troubled by the number of young

> people who are still relying on corporate crap like iPods and cell

> phones and digital cameras. Then I took a look at myself and realized

> that today, my life is totally dependent upon corporations. How are we

> as a movement ever going to convince the world we're serious if we act

> like hypocrites and use iPods, read books printed by Penguin, cook

> food in pots made by Corningware, communicate on computers made by

> soul destroying corporations in third-worlds, etc., etc., etc.? I'm

> calling for a bonfire of the corporate vanities! I say we put our

> money where our mouths are and get rid of anything made by a

> corporation. Let's show these people just how seriously we take our

> own philosophy!


> thoughts?