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This "hypocritical" attack is an old canard familiar to climate change activists.  Al Gore lives in a big house...if you are so worried about CO2 why do you have the lights on, drive a car etc.  And there is nothing wrong about reducing dependence on fossil fuels, and corporations.

But the problem isn't that I have lights on or drive a car.  The problem is that we've had decades of corporate control, dictating that our government subsidize roads instead of high speed rail, and coal instead of solar.

So don't let people get away with calling you hypocritical.  It's not your fault that the government doesn't do its job - like regulating pollution, and preventing out-sourcing to third-world countries where slave labor prevails.  If corporations didn't control legislation, education and the media, people would rather breathe clean air and not face extreme weather from climate change, given a real choice.

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Let me just point out as a Fan boy of ol Karl Marx that techonlogy in marxism is a progressive.... Meaning its part of the postive sides of capitalism. Now if your an anrcho primativist well now ! thats certainly a differnt story ! I'm sure we all rage in many catogoerys includding these too however

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I'll also note that cellular and wireless communications are pretty
damn essential to areas with limited physical infrastructure.