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Sent time:   Tuesday, October 18, 2011 8:36:28 AM
Subject:   Re: [september17discuss] Re: Hypocrisy

I agree with the sentiments about using the tools of the system against the system and this is in fact what I've been attempting to do since before day one of this movement, as this leak and deliberate misinterpretation of a personal email I sent Micah White will verify...  

I would point out as someone who works in the marketing/advertising industry while supporting this movement that many of the most scathing and damning critiques of the system come from individuals who actually work within the system.  I've met several radicals specifically within the advertising industry who repress their beliefs just enough in order to work and support their families.  I've met plenty of business leaders, although not necessarily anyone from the 1%, who support what we are doing such as my current boss and mentor as well as my former mentor who has actually taken the time to visit me at camp several times now.  

The traditional battle lines between labor and capital no longer apply.  If we are serious about facilitating an actual revolution which I know we all are then I would argue that it is vital to seize the most cutting edge means of production especially if they happen to have been developed in some cases by truly amoral corporations.  I think it's also important not to alienate, but to ally ourselves with our supporters from the business world.  I further believe along those same lines that it's important for those of us who are able to do so to actually earn and "occupy" key positions and exert our influence precisely within those companies we would most like to see transformed if not obliterated because I believe that it's naive and wishful to assume that they'll change themselves as a direct result of any of our resentful rantings.          

Hypocrisy is only a problem for puritans not for revolutionaries.    

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Sparkles to that, Lauren. It's another insidious thing corporations
do, having a fictional entity take credit for the work of actual

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> I'll also note that cellular and wireless communications are pretty
> damn essential to areas with limited physical infrastructure.