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Subject:   [GlobalRevolutionMedia] #MUSIC donated by hip hop up-and-comers
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Hey all, 

Some friends recorded the attached hip hop song inspired by #OWS and asked me to share it with you all, in case anyone was interested in using it for any videos that we produce, etc. Please also feel free to share and repost in your own networks. I've left his email address here so that if anyone does choose to use it they can contact the artists to let them know, share links, credit them, etc. 

Glad to see this movement inspire artists everywhere!


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Date: Oct 15, 2011 2:23 AM
Subject: Fwd: #Occupy lyrics
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A little inspiration from a few hip hop unknowns:

by: B.O Da Trio & DJ Mole

Total control, mind in the hold, 99 reasons to march firm in the fold/
only 1 reason ya must not have a soul, occupy our time so we occupy our home/
baton couple fire arms keep the peace the piece is carried, same
streets that auctioned off humanity/
and so they build corrupted from the Genesis, from now on may these
truths remain as self evident/
blatant negligence and greed is what they pleasure in, that's the ways
of the world/
business is an addiction so high in rank u aint even a victim, cant
see pass the increase in income/
innocent blood spills, cobble stone soaked compare Tahir Square/
Its a world wide warfare, the weathers changed its an Arab spring all year/
Acampada in Spain corruption pump in the veins, no amnesty for the
anarchy but say it emphatically/
who building for charity? who build for American dreams dreaming is falsies/
Is that what you tell yourself to pump you for rallys B? A gallon of
courage aint gon grant me no guarantees/
Its real Ill, one layer shed for the new peal but the delegates still
fall to level wake/
up in the crack of dawnin back to hunting daily grind/
Rat Racing in this Auld Lang Syne, population control if you aint ready know/
Prove what to do, coup with the crew, teach to the youth, reverse the
curse, speak them the truth!/